January 20, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

The Least Influential of 2013

Anthony Weiner reached new heights of non-influence. And then, kinda tapered off. Like the cicadas.

Tim Tebow’s ethereal connections got him just so far.

Miley Cyrus woke TV viewers up, if briefly.


Obama and Congress played a perfect two-act. He, after years of not calling out a body of deeply disturbed people, now finally doing it, and having that drive them even crazier!

Then there was the ever-inexplicable Justin Beiber.

Dennis Rodman became globe-trotting diplomat to a funny farm. Felt about right.


Lady Gaga appeared dressed in something like a toothpaste tube or a white condom. I was expecting something like this.

Patriot’s tight end Aaron Hernandez went a little too far with a gangsta persona. You have to look out for that sort of thing.

Paula Deen cooked up some very smelly recipes. Using some old, nasty ingredients. You are what you eat.

Mike Jefferies said that he wanted only beautiful people in his Abercrombie shops, probably without thinking that he makes his millions off of fat slobs like himself.

Speaking of slobs, Ted Cruz drove his party, and almost the whole world, into a ditch because he can’t read poll numbers. He is perhaps least influential of all in 2013, as the GOP will now do anything they can to the make sure that he is not the face of their future. Going down the route of heroes such as . . .

Reagan, the iconic tax and spend smiling hypocrite. Introduced the idea of the US as debtor nation.

Barry Goldwater, the unsmiling wild reactionary from Arizona. We can say he was uninfluential in 1964. Later on, very important. Certainly today, like Reagan, over as a GOP beacon.

Finally Joe McCarthy, clearly Ted’s daddy. Flamed out while a sitting senator, on TV. Like Ted.

These two assignments for GQ, André Jointe, Fred Woodward, ADs and The Nation, Robert Best, AD. Great thanks to them and the publishers, editors and staffs of those great mags. Here’s to a better 2014!

To Al Goldstein


Thinking today about Al Goldstein, founder and editor of Screw, absurd (and absurdist) public figure and icon of a brief age when sex was a really big show. Much better than today’s obit in the Times is this 2006 recollection by Steven Heller. To me Goldstein’s greatest legacy is the work of Heller and Brad Holland who, incredibly, began in the pages of Screw before inventing the Op Ed page at the Times and becoming major influences on American newspaper graphic art. Here’s to publishing; being brave, being crazy and Al.



The Return of the Welfare Queen

Here’s this week’s cover for The National Journal. One powerful piece, linked below on the GOP’s cynical and racist (and long term) plan to gin up race-based voting. Thanks to Adam Kushner, editor and Jan Zimmeck, art director, who gave great help here.

Return of the Welfare Queen

by Beth Reinhard

NJ welfare queen cover 700


5 Drawings of James Hansen

Hansen 1

Hansen 2


Hansen 4

Hansen 5


World War 3 Illustrated . . . #45!

Peter Kuper and Seth Tobocman have been putting out World War 3 Illustrated since Reagan put the country Right. They have been showing the world of media and illustration just how powerful political art can be , even as the boots of the publishing world contain legs that quake at the thought strong graphics. Here are selections of the next edition. As prepared and annotated by Peter for Drawger.com.


This 160 page issue it sells for a mere $7 in your local alternative comix shop. You can also find this and other issues though our distributor Top Shelf Also we have a website dedicated to the magazine that you can check out here World War 3 Illustrated.

The one experience all living things face and yet it remains our greatest mystery. My cover (after Roland Topor 1938-1997)
 I have been co-editing WW3, a magazine I started with Seth Tobocman while we were students at Pratt Institute, for 34 years. The newest issue “Before and After” has just arrived. I edited this one with Scott Cunningham.
Back cover by Thomas Woodruff

Some excerpts of the work from the issue…

Above 4 of my lost nine lives. (more on page 2)


The Sixth is refers to the number of mass extinctions earth has experienced…we’re in the middle of the 6th.





Anthony Freda




Hayley Gold’s story of growing up anorexic  

Tom Hart

Murals from Egypt commemorating people who died in the Arab Spring photos by Tamara Tornado

Ruth Lingford

Title page to a piece written by Mumia Abu-Jamal who spent 30 years on death row. Illustrations are by another prisoner
Guns BW

Title page from Seth Tobocman’s story about his mother
If you are interested in finding a copy of this 160 page issue it sells for a mere $7 in your local alternative comix shop. You can also find this and other issues though our distributor Top Shelf Also we have a website dedicated to the magazine that you can check out here World War 3 Illustrated