July 9, 2019
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

My Life With Hillary

This is currently live on Politico:
As we greet the return of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the political stage, it cannot be denied that she is unique in many ways. One of these is an almost unheard-of political longevity. Players in politics seldom hold onto front-runner status after 23 years in the public eye. In spite of great controversies (and one very big loss) Hillary, most definitely, still does.

Of all political figures today, she may be the most durable because of her multifaceted nature, appealing to both hawks and liberals, activists and business tycoons. Whatever you say about her, there is almost always some evidence pointing to the opposite. This also applies to the way I rendered her over the decades. My approach shifted as did her shape. So without any discernible theme, here are some 28 Hillarys that have haunted my career as well as my dreams.
My great thanks to Janet Michaud, designer, Susan Glasser editor, Lori Kelly, Katelyn Fossett, Garrett Graff. And especially to Jeff Bartholet for the inspiration for this project.

Dream of Hillarys Opener

Hillary 1 Desk w type


Hillary 2 Dishes w type

Hillary 3 Stethoscope w type

Hillary 4 Snakes w type

Hillary 5 Nixons w type

Hillary 6 Bill in Hell w type

Hillary 8 The Field w type

Hillary 7 Westchester w type

Hillary 9 Debates w type

Hillary 10 Lucy  w type

Hillary 11 Simpsons w type

Hillary 12 Odd Couple w type


Hillary 13 Foreign Policy Balloon w type


Hillary 17 Two Faces w type


Hillary 14 Joan of Arc w type


Hillary 18 Wisconsin w type

Hillary 19 Titanic w type

Hillary 15 Kong  w type


Hillary 20 Oprah w type


Hillary 23 Tarmac w type


Hillary 21 Party w type


Hillary 24 Pussy Riot w type


Hillary 25 HER w typeHillary 26 Broke w typeHillary 27 Lenin w typeHillary 28 Choir w type