January 20, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Woodrow Wilson . . .

 . . . father of the Espionage Act of 1917. Used against many people then. It’s being used against journalists now. His attorney general, Palmer, would approve.Wilson original Sk

This American Life: Must Hear Radio

This week’s episode on Climate Change changed my idea of how the Right processes this information. They don’t. But they will, over time. At a price.


Remember the Dead, Heal the Victims, Stop the Wars

Democracy Now Donations

How Weiner Can Win: Go the Full Pee-Wee!

My sources tell me that  this is the plan: 

GO BIG! Make yourself “Celebrity-Crazy-Lovable”.

For example:

Weiner gas mask

Like Justin Bieber, walk around wearing a gas mask for no reason. And always wear ugly pants.

Weiner Bieber Monkey

Also, like the Bieb, adopt a pet monkey. Everyone will get the joke.

Rick Weiner

Dedicate the campaign to Rick James, Mr. Superfreak himself!Britney Weiner

Like Britney, shave your head bald and go after the paparazzi.

Pee Wee WeinerFinally, get meta and do a Broadway show, like Charlie Sheen . .  or Pee Wee!



Last week President Obama said that he wanted to “go Bulworth”. I think it’s great that this wonderful film has now entered the language as a metaphor for telling the truth at all (sometimes extreme) costs. I was lucky to get the call to create the poster for Warren Beatty waybackwhen. So, of course, I wanted to weigh in on this. The assignment for the Washington Post (GREAT THANKS to Carlos Lozada, Marisa Bellack, eds, , Marianne Seregi, AD, and special thanks to artist and friend Sue Blubaugh, who started this whole thing rolling!) was to find other movies that may have influenced Obama as well. 
bulworth_ver1My original image: the poster Warren Beatty commissioned, 1998.

Obama as Bulworth

My idea of what an Obama Bulworth might look like.


Mr Smith Final

‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’

A politician’s good intentions mess with people’s minds.


Manchurian Candidate Final

“The Manchurian Candidate” It’s not easy to do the right thing when outside forces are trying to corrupt your thoughts.


All the President's Men Final

‘All the President’s Men’

The White House goes after whistleblowers while banishing reporters to the sub-basement.


Being There Fin

‘Being There’

Clueless aides are sent to media interviews to spout impressive-sounding nonsense.


Dave Final


The president is asleep while his administration carries on.