February 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.


When you are in the business of making pictures that tell stories you are liable to be recognized from time to time for the work you do.  When that happens it’s very important to say thanks.  In this case I am saying thanks for the highest honor an illustrator can receive: a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators for a piece done in the year just past. The ceremony is on Friday, but I thought I’d put my thanks up here in advance. The piece being so honored is Reservoir Runners, a stand-alone page for The New Yorker.

This was done based on a frosty trip to the track in Central Park, noting the runners in their infinite variety.  My great thanks to Chris Curry and Caroline Maihot for their support of this project and others like it. [Read more…]


So here’s the cartoon that is scheduled to appear in tomorrow’s Washington Post Outlook section, p1.  Funny, perhaps.  But unaware of the firing of Keith Olbermann by Comcast last night. Different drugs, I think are called for.  Ones that will help him and us through Palinism and the huge Far Right Wing moves now being made across the board.


This portrait of  Vinnie, an alternatively rambunctious and emotionally needy bulldog pup, done by daughter Terry. Vinnie is a work in progress . . . and an artist’s  muse!


Gradually the events of this week became about our politics and, in a strange turn, Palin. What was really written on her hand all along? Her lack of moral leadership in the light of tragedy has been especially glaring.  As, in retrospect, is her rhetoric.   Strangely her gun-toting TV show ended this past weekend.  Here’s my take on the “old” Palin image (for Need to Know):

And the New Yorker:

Reince Priebus: Define

Reince Priebus: Wisconsin pronunciation for “Rinse, Pre-wash”. Directions for removing stubborn tea stains as below.