February 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.


So here’s the cartoon that is scheduled to appear in tomorrow’s Washington Post Outlook section, p1.  Funny, perhaps.  But unaware of the firing of Keith Olbermann by Comcast last night. Different drugs, I think are called for.  Ones that will help him and us through Palinism and the huge Far Right Wing moves now being made across the board.

Jewish Media Mogul of the Day

Rick Sanchez’ religion in media report comes as a major blow to the vast international Jewish-run media, who never, even in crazy mashugeneh dreams could imagine such a bar mitzvah of truth-telling. For example Rupert Murdoch who, is known to friends and family as Ruben Moscowitz, is crushed.  All the money that guy squirrels away in his bank like such a schnoorer couldn’t keep the truth at bay. And now we  know, you, you, you big mogul you.  Oiyoiyoiy!, says Ruben, and why not.