January 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Tally Ho!

The current Nation has a great cover story by Robert Reich (READ HERE), urging Democrats and the press to call Romney out. He is a reanimated Gilded Age Robber Baron in the flesh. And not in the upper crust of that gang either, among whom were very open-minded reformers. He is still fighting the good fight for the poor 1%. And that’s okay. Just let’s say it, say it plain and say it every day until November 6.

Sometime you need to get a hand just right. And drawing is seeing. So here’s another use for a smart phone!

HOPE 2.0 (brought to you by John Roberts!)

And now a word from Willard (in 2006):

And Rush Ahoy!!! Sailin’ off to Costaaa RRRRIca!! Rush arrives in sunny Costa Rica, finds UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE THERE TOO! Gets Richard Branson to send him up into outer space, free from health care and human beings in general. One small step for Man.



At a press conference held on March 6, 2006, Mitt Romney said he’s “very pleased with” the individual mandate.

Romney press conference Q&A following introduction of Robert Haas as Massachusetts public safety secretary, circa 3/6/06. Footage obtained from the Massachusetts Archives.


I can’t think of too many things more beautiful than a sea turtle.  My black and white drawing doesn’t do any justice to these amazing creatures.  They come in the morst brilliant color combinations.  They bring majesty and magic to the seas. And, as a result, we love them. US kids go to nesting grounds every year to help ensure their survival. So why do we allow them to drown by the thousands in US fishing nets?  Thanks to a net device called a Ted, turtles can escape. Let’s do what we can to make the fishing industry adopt Ted nets. Please read the below from Oceana and sign the petition for the Ted nets. On behalf of these guys.

Save Turtles from Nets

Turtle Excluder Devices (shown above) help turtles escape from fishing nets
Sign today to support TEDs and give turtles a second chance»

If a turtle gets swept up in a net, it’s in trouble. Sea turtles need air to breathe, and when held underwater by fishing gear, they will drown. Tens of thousands of turtles meet this fate in the US every year.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Turtle excluder devices (TEDs) are escape hatches for fishing nets—big turtles can push them open and swim away, while smaller fish or shrimp stay inside.

Help turtles escape. Sign today to support making TEDs mandatory on shrimp trawlers»

TEDs are life-savers. But not everyone uses them. And turtles keep dying.

A new rule would require all shrimp trawlers in the Gulf of Mexico and southeast Atlantic to use TEDs, saving thousands of turtles’ lives. Shrimp trawling is one of the largest threats to sea turtles in the Gulf, with thousands captured in nets each year.

Sign TODAY and show your support for turtle-friendly fishing»

All six sea turtle species in the United States are threatened or endangered. This regulation will save lives and give the turtles a chance to recover.

But there is some backlash in the fishing industry against these new regulations, and we need to make sure the National Marine Fisheries Service knows that the new rules for turtle-friendly nets have support. That’s where you come in. Sign today and tell the NMFS to keep turtles safe with TEDs»


CHECK THIS OUT! A great group of artists doing food up right.  A kind of art Groupon.  And you can make it happen. Kick in a few bucks to Kickstart and be a part of this great project.

The DIGESTATE food & eating themed anthology will collect about 265 pages worth of comics by over 50 cartoonists. Originally the anthology was going to include half vegan artists and half carnivorous (omnivorous?) artists, but it has since expanded to include everyone in between those two extremes (there were just too many talented people, and we couldn’t bear to exclude them!).

Each artist has approached the theme in a manner exclusive to their own personality. There are some autobiographical comics (both funny and heart-wrenching), some fictional comics, some akin to an essay and others that defy categorization altogether.

With few exceptions, each contributing artist has experience in self-publishing. That is, these are mostly indie comic artists that draw for the love of it, not the financial rewards. Although many of the contributors are somewhat well known within the indie comic subculture, just as many are not. By pairing known artists with lesser known artists, we hope to introduce readers to new talent while they are enjoying artists they’re already familiar with.

We also hope this anthology will spark a conversation about food and eating. We all have different feelings and experiences regarding food, and hopefully the comics will introduce readers to varying viewpoints.

We will be running “spotlights” on each of the contributing artists on our blog (http://theholyyost.blogspot.com/) so that you can learn about them and see samples of their work. We will also post images corresponding to pledge rewards so that you know what you’ll be getting should you pledge.



  • Darryl Ayo
  • Josh Bayer
  • Jonathan Baylis
  • Marc Bell
  • Marek Bennett
  • Berkeley Breathed
  • Neil Brideau
  • Box Brown
  • Jeffrey Brown
  • Josh Burggraf
  • C. M. Butzer
  • Kevin Cannon
  • William Cardini
  • Cha
  • Sungyoon Choi
  • J.T. Dockery
  • Nate Doyle

    Gary Fields

  • Renee French
  • Nicole J. Georges
  • Ayun Halliday
  • Danny Hellman
  • Sam Henderson
  • Adam Hines
  • Paul Hoppe
  • K. Thor Jensen
  • Victor Kerlow
  • John Kerschbaum
  • Keith Knight
  • James Kochalka
  • Hawk Krall
  • Minty Lewis
  • Jonas Madden-Connor
  • Aaron Mew
  • Pranas T. Naujokaitis
  • Hazel Reed Newlevant
  • L. Nichols
  • Al Ortiz
  • Tod C. Parkhill
  • Dan Piraro
  • Liz Prince
  • Brian Ralph
  • Alex Robinson
  • Jungyeon Roh
  • Jess Ruliffson
  • Anuj Shrestha
  • Ben Snakepit
  • Aron Nels Steinke
  • Jeremy Tinder
  • James Turek
  • Noah Van Sciver
  • Sophia Wiedeman
  • J.T. Yost
  • Jeff Zwirek

Thanks for reading, and more importantly, contributing!