January 20, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Now Williams Knows

NPR finally leveled with Juan Williams about the reasons for his firing. “Juan”, they said in a closed door meeting, “we’re so sorry, when you came in the door the other day, a bunch of us thought you looked just like Yasir Arafat.  ‘Joe’, one the guys said, ‘Arafat’s dead’.  I said, ‘okay, but this guy could be like, a relative.  An Arab at least. Maybe even a Muslim.  Friggin’ creeps me out, you know’.  We all agreed.  You creep us out.  Just a feeling we had.  We hope this doesn’t inconvenience you.  But you know in America we have the freedom to be just as racist as the next guy.  Like you!” Juan looked up to God at this point.  A victory for freedom, was all he could think at that moment.  And then could be heard to utter “God is great.”

ANiMal of the DaY

Hardly Working

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Jewish Media Mogul of the Day

Rick Sanchez’ religion in media report comes as a major blow to the vast international Jewish-run media, who never, even in crazy mashugeneh dreams could imagine such a bar mitzvah of truth-telling. For example Rupert Murdoch who, is known to friends and family as Ruben Moscowitz, is crushed.  All the money that guy squirrels away in his bank like such a schnoorer couldn’t keep the truth at bay. And now we  know, you, you, you big mogul you.  Oiyoiyoiy!, says Ruben, and why not.