January 20, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

You Betcha

Palin You Betcha Final550For the last two weeks Sarah Palin has been blitzing the media with her blame-all victim-athon non-campaign book tour.  It used to be that a candidate who aspired to higher office would struggle to prove her knowledge of issues and ideas on new directions for the country. Instead, in order to solidify her standing with a sector of the boobwazee, she struggles to show how wrapped in paranoia she can be.
Sam Tannenhause puts it this way in today’s New Yorker piece: “It happened  . . . in 1976, when Ronald Reagan battled the incumbent Gerald Ford all the way to the National Convention; and in 1992, when Pat Buchanan harried George H. W. Bush during the primaries and then, in a televised address at the Convention, in Houston, thundered, “There is a religious war going on in this country.” A similar revolt is under way today, though as yet no insurgent tribune has emerged—except, possibly, Sarah Palin. Polls taken last November showed that she had alienated centrists, and a majority of people still eye her with mistrust. But this is beside the point. Populists, from William Jennings Bryan and Huey Long through Joseph McCarthy and George Wallace, have always been divisive and polarizing. Their job is not to win national elections but to carry the torch and inspire the faithful, and this Palin seems poised to do. That she is the first woman to generate populist fervor on such a scale enhances her appeal—and makes her, potentially, a figure of historic consequence.”
This extra-toony take; narrative-driven.

Minute Rice

2 Hour RiceMeanwhile in the British inquiry into the causes of the thing   we call the Iraq War Christopher Meyer, Blair’s US envoy at the time, testified that the UK was rushed into Iraq.  Condi Rice was beating the drum just hours after the attacks on 9/11.  A stronger PM, like Thatcher (!) he says would have demanded more time to know the facts.

30,000 Troops? Who Asked?

Obama-LevineWith apologies to David Levine.

SCADS of Grads

I have done a fair number of college lectures but my recent trip to SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design, might have been the sweetest of all.


The vivacious Julie Lieberman, whose invitation brought me in . . .

Allan 560. . . and Chair Allan Drummond (his brilliant art here) made it all especially easy to get down there and be very much at home with students and faculty . . .

Kurt. . . among whom was Kurt Vargo, (art here) an old friend and wonderful artist, from the way-back machine and the floating art salons of the ‘80’s.

SCAD560SCAD is composed of more than 60 buildings throughout town, many are renovated landmarks . . .

Savannah. . . and located around the 21 beautiful squares of the city (in the 18th century cityscape, left untouched by Gen. Sherman who saw the intense beauty of the place.  He made of Savannah a Christmas present to President Lincoln: “I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the City of Savannah, with one hundred and fifty guns and plenty of ammunition, also about twenty-five thousand bales of cotton.”)  Anyway.

Drummond sk 1560The first stop was a demo class.  I thought I’d show the evolution of thinking about a face.  Allan was the brave volunteer.  On butcher paper I drew him from life and then abstracted the face in three stages.

Drummond sk 2Finally arriving at a place that was probably going to far. Trying to make the point about sketching.  Go as far as you can.  You can always scale back, but give yourself every opportunity for exploration and discovery (grateful for all photos here to Kurt Vargo).

Demo class560The students at SVAD are about the most engaged I’ve ever met.  There’s something about the place that connects their energy with the school, moving both ways.

Eve lectureThe turnout for the lecture at night was very good.

Sillouhette560In the dark if they snoozed off but I couldn’t hear them.  All right, enough already about the sketching.

Times stand560On the way home, some interesting notes.  The NY Times now has bookstores in airports.  They’re now selling newspapers with video screens.

Delebs stand560Apparently the dead celeb (deleb?) section is jumpin’.  Teddy leads Jacko 7-5.

Yankees 560How long did it take them the pump out Yankee World Series junk?

ERPs560Then there was welcome home by the Big ERP’s, my gig for Infor.  On a lightbox, 4 feet high, these boys still have good faces for radio.

My greatest thanks for the great gang at SCAD for an unforgettable visit.  Hoping to return very soon.

At the Karzai inauguration . . .

Karzai Inaug. . . the oath was reportedly administered by good friend Rod Blogojevich.  In a lighthearted moment the two exchanged the hair for the hat.  Also in attendance (and up for high-level cabinet posts): Alberto Fujimori, Robert Mugabe and 17 Madoffs.