December 17, 2017
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Bob McNamara Passes Through Customs

McNamara“Do you have anything to declare?”


Robert Scheer on Robert Strange McNamara:


News Quiz

Today in Pakistan, US drones killed:
A- 12
B- 37
C- 45
D- Some Pakistani’s heart and mind


Greenpeace placed an Obama banner, with a plea for the G8 to act on global warming, over:
A- Mount Rushmore
B- Neverland Ranch
C- The Society of Illustrators


Later the G8:
A- Blew off CO2 cuts
B- Blamed non-members China and India
C- Ate great Italian food
D-All of the above

Swine Flu Totem

Apparently the Swine Flu is all the rage in London.
This from Harper’s Weekly: “Officials in Britain said that the
number of new cases of swine flu in that country was
doubling weekly and could reach 100,000 new cases per day
by the end of August; Dr. Richard Jarvis, chairman of the
British Medical Association’s public-health committee,
cited reports of people throwing “swine flu parties” to
expose themselves to the virus and build their
immunity. “I don’t think it is a good idea,” he said.”
Here’s my take (from The American Prospect):Swine Flu Totem550

Palin Clip UPDATED


Can you believe this from Fox???!!! They’ve got the knives out for her, so get out your forks.  She’s done.

Stonewall + 40

Stonewall + 40Last Sunday there was much more art outside the MoMA than in. Fifty third St. was feeding floats onto 5th Ave. to the Pride Parade.  The crowd was jubilant; people of all kinds from everywhere, all enjoying this day. To me this image was most telling.  Remembering what the cops did in NY in 1969  this seemed a measure of distance from that place . . . in lightyears.