January 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Burris Himself Alive

burris-final500Roland Burris, is a fellow, we now know, who leaves nothing to chance.  He has actually supervised the creation of his own monument, extolling the legend that he, at this moment, is still busy creating.  Today he was asked why he didn’t mention, during the impeachment hearings for Blagojevich, that he had discussed money with the governor’s brother in the negotiations over getting the Senate seat.  He replied, “It is not upon a person to go out of his way on anything.  It is the person who has to ask the questions.”

Hope he likes it where he’s going.

081230_burris1_oconnor1I kid you not.  Here it is.  “Trail Blazer” it says.  He is, actually.


milton-cinemaWendy Keys’ fascinating doc, Milton Glaser: to Delight and Inform is worth seeing, either here at the Cinema Village, or in your home or classroom later.  You don’t get as much of Glaser the essayist as I’d like, but you get generous amounts of Milton’s art and thoughts on his life.  A word that keeps coming up is “commonality”.  He uses it early on to describe art’s power to bring people from different corners of life together by having a shared narrative and aestheic experience. To, me, a beautiful idea and a dream that infuses me everyday.  Later he uses it to refer to the commonality of his work, that his different media and “styles” ( a word we both hate) share and all inform each other.  It’s good to see Steve Heller and Katrina V.H. on the big screen.  No Mirko as I could tell (although he’s fondly talked about). No Seymour nor Sorel (but pix of them as “kids”).  It’s all Uncle Miltie’s show and a great one it is.17.png Milton picture by sbrodner

More Brushes

19-1.png Me by Rick picture by sbrodner

Here’s a piece by Rick Meyerowitz of me done last night.  And CLICK HERE to see Ken Snith’s beautiful i-Phone art.

Mastering the i-Phone “Brushes”

brushes-appHappy to report successful results with the i-Phone’s “Brushes”.  With a little practice anyone can make great drawings on this app. All you need is an i-Phone, a pencil and some strong industrial or duct tape.  Simply tape the i-Phone to the pencil; this provides an ingenius art-handle that can also play music, show films and make phone calls while you work. Now locate a piece of paper.  Apply graphite to the paper.  To erase simply turn the i-Phone upside down. It’s fast, simple and fun!

Pe-losing it

The recent dust-up by Republicans is such a sad little movie.  Shocked to their socks about the behavior of Nancy Pelosi, who was told about their sins of torture . .  and did nothing about it!  Do they prefer she blew the whistle?  Or plugged her ears?  C’mon, they don’t prefer anything.  Pelosi is the straw they grab as their car goes off the cliff.  And a pretty weak straw.  Besides, now they force themselves to ask for an investigation. Yes, at long last an investigation.  Let’s have justice for Nancy and Dick and Rummy and Gonzo and yep, W. What’s good for the goose is good for the gangsters.

This piece on Pelosi’s leftward march on Obama for a recent Newsweek, jiggered for the web by enhanced illustration techniques. (Is this torture?)