January 20, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Understanding Mitt

Mitt Romney, who was universally condemned for denigrating the “47%” of the US who are whiney complainers, addicted to mooching off the government. I don’t know if everyone understood what he was saying. As a very successful recipient of government largesse for many years and also a person who barely pays taxes, it’s possible he was engaging in a reflective bit of self examination. Perhaps Mitt was caught coming to a place of retrospection and healing, where he realized that the thing he hated most was an essense of  . . . his own make-up! It is possible that Mitt Romney is an enlightened master of self- knowledge. It is the rest of us, being his psychological inferiors, as in so many other things, who are ignorant and are once again misunderstanding this giant of American politics. Like Adlai Stevenson, we face the prospect of a brilliant and misunderstood intellect meeting defeat at the ballot box. Defeat?  . . . sorry, I mean having his ass made into a chik-fil-a . . . and served back to his gang by people who pay taxes and work for a living.

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