January 20, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

The GOP: We’re Dying as Fast as We Can!

My opener to the package for current Mother Jones. Thanks to Carolyn Perot, Tim Luddy, Monika Bauerlein, Clara Jeffrey for their smarts and courage.

Jim DeMint, Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity, Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh lead the idiot’s parade urging the GOP as far to the  Right as possible, as the poor devil eats one grenade after another. Oh, no Mr. Creosote!!!

Never give a Bishop a gogo stick. Or a political platform regarding women’s health issues.

Poor George Allen.  Hoping for support in a tea party crazy GOP world that is far crazier than he. And, of course, first he has to rid himself of those damned macacas.

Mitt sits atop a great pyramid of financial support.  That’s me on the bottom.

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How Rich is Mitt?

Thinking about how much richer Romney is than anyone we have seen in politics, I decided to play with the portrait as infographic.  The result, in generous collaboration with Mary Parsons and the editors of The American Prospect, is the double page spread in the current issue, dissected below. What we see is a remarkable man: loaded with enough money to get what he wants, but blinded by it from clearly seeing the difference between his country and his country club.


How Dumb is Santorum?

For the better part of the week Ricky “I hate college” Santorum has been ignoring the revelation appearing on the site Buzzfeed that Romney had written an Op Ed for USA Today


in 2009 urging Obama to use his Romneycare as a model for national health care. Notwithstanding the merits of insuring everyone the Republicans hate Obama’s plan more than anything else and would kill anyone in a primary who even looked at it, let alone inspired it! Finally, last night, it hit Santorum that he has true Kryptonite in his hand. He’s a little slow, but what would you expect from the would-be non-education president?

Valentine Crushes of the Day

This Valentine’s Day considering the true romances flourishing in politics. Opening a new animated series for the brand new Washington Spectator site, washingtonspectator.org. Also running now on the Huffington Post.  Many thanks to Lou Dubose, Hamilton Fish, Emily Gordon, Betty Russell, Alissa Levin, Edel Rodriguez and everyone who made this new site possible. This is just beginning; happy for all feedback.

Warbucks’ Winter Mittens Theory of the Day

Warbucks’ Winter Mitten of the Day. Greg Palast asks the interesting question: why did Romney superpac support fall off in recent mid western states when Santorum posed a threat to his candidacy? He posits in this piece Truthout


that the “owners” don’t believe in Romney in any real way.  They want, Palast, suggests, a muddled field where Romney arrives at the convention so disabled and delegate-light, that a deadlocked convention could then nominate someone else. A more perfect Annie for Daddy Warbucks.