February 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Hey, Summer’s Over!

Summer's Over


So, where was I?

. . . there was the top pop 100 for Entertainment Weekly.  Squeezing Elvis, Michael, Bruce, Madonna, Prince and Dylan all together was a challenge. Here’s my first sketch. It happened that the eras had to be just so.

Pop 100 first sketch

So back to the drawing board to get the right scrap  . . .  and a better design (Kory Kennedy AD).

EW Pop 100 Finalsm

Then a call from ESPN to render A-Rod’s comeback . . .  not without the fans’ reactions (Chin Wang, Jason Lancaster, ADs).

AROD Detail

For Ogilvy and Mather: chief creative officer Steve Simpson is interviewed by Simon Dumenco on the virtues of  “branded content”. They cite examples of a Dove soap campaign, a short film

and the IBM pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair (David Frankel AD, Todd Puzan, Ed).

Simpson Dumenco sm

Simpson detail

For The American Lawyer there was the cover and opener about inequality among attorneys. Yep, they face it too (Joan Ferrell, AD).

Am Lawyer Cover Finalsm

American Lawyer Opener Final w carnation100

For the American Prospect, The New Socialists (Mary Parsons, AD).

It seems that whenever conservatives have a problem with something they become RABID MARXISTS  . . . on that one issue.

So here’s the gang:

New Socialists w typesm

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, after suffering a stroke, became a public health care Mao.

Mark Kirk detail

Sarah Palin, of course, is the Che of special needs children.

Socisalist Palin detail

Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, a stauch opponent of Hurricane Sandy relief, was a hell-yes Jerry Rubin on Federal money for tornado relief in his home state.

Inholfe detail

Dick Cheney found it in his new heart to endorse gay marriage. He has a gay child.

Socialist Cheney Detail

As did Rob Portman.

Socialist Portman detail

Cindy McCain is a veritable commissar for federal money for migraine research. She has migraines.

Cindy McCain detail

Nancy Reagan goes full Lenin on Alzheimer’s money. A disease she knows about.

Nancy Reagan detail

Fidel Christie took his crusade to the streets when Hurricane Sandy arrived.

Christy Socialist detail

For The Washingtonian, the new Obama cabinet as in a Vogue fashion spread (Michael Goesele, AD).

Finally confirmed and ready for crises of all kinds. Coming up.

New Guard final final sm

Pres. Obama and National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Obama Rice Detail

Commerce Sec. Penny Pritzker, Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, Labor Sec. Thomas Perez, Sec. of the Treasury, Jack Lew.

New Guard detail Pritzger, Perez, Lew etc

UN Ambassador (and Syrian strike advocate) Samantha Power.

Samantha Power Detail

And last but not least: for a personal project, Woodrow Wilson.

WilsonsmHave a great Autumn. More soon.


Last week President Obama said that he wanted to “go Bulworth”. I think it’s great that this wonderful film has now entered the language as a metaphor for telling the truth at all (sometimes extreme) costs. I was lucky to get the call to create the poster for Warren Beatty waybackwhen. So, of course, I wanted to weigh in on this. The assignment for the Washington Post (GREAT THANKS to Carlos Lozada, Marisa Bellack, eds, , Marianne Seregi, AD, and special thanks to artist and friend Sue Blubaugh, who started this whole thing rolling!) was to find other movies that may have influenced Obama as well. 
bulworth_ver1My original image: the poster Warren Beatty commissioned, 1998.

Obama as Bulworth

My idea of what an Obama Bulworth might look like.


Mr Smith Final

‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’

A politician’s good intentions mess with people’s minds.


Manchurian Candidate Final

“The Manchurian Candidate” It’s not easy to do the right thing when outside forces are trying to corrupt your thoughts.


All the President's Men Final

‘All the President’s Men’

The White House goes after whistleblowers while banishing reporters to the sub-basement.


Being There Fin

‘Being There’

Clueless aides are sent to media interviews to spout impressive-sounding nonsense.


Dave Final


The president is asleep while his administration carries on.


For the cover of this week’s National Journal editor Ron Brownstein and art director Jan Zimmeck wanted a piece that reflected the fact that Obama was floating higher in the polls than his economic numbers might warrant. The event last night, however, may end up being called the Great Deflate. We will have to see. Clearly, Obama, had a different concept of what was needed in Denver. I think I can tell him: CAFFEIN!

Anyway, sketches:

Here I was thinking of the movie Being There and that Margritte-like poster.

Then a walk-on-water concept but with warring factions below.

A Macy’s balloon idea (an old metaphor for me).

Ron and Jan liked this idea so we kept going with it. Here he’s affecting a kind of Bugs Bunny-like aplomb.

This one connected with everybody.

And so, the final. Thanks for the NatJo for the support and freedom. I think it was my favorite sketch too. And as for Obama, he just might have to start pumping those legs!

DNC Day 1

Steve Brodner’s Live DNC Art Blog: Day One

Steve Brodner on September 4, 2012 – 6:54 PM ET

  Stay tuned to see drawings during the DNC convention tonight!

“When she said, “There’s no such thing as us and them” I think Republicans are going to have something to say about that given the last few years” snorted Bret Baier. Fox News.


Michelle killing them softly.


Michelle warms up Mr. Cool.




Michelle Obama, an original but familiar.


Castro kills.


Castro on Mitt.


Julian Castro. The nearing future of Texas.


Sean “Avenging Angel” Hannity on Fox: “In 2004 God was mentioned in the platform seven times. This year, God was removed.”


O’Malley: 2012, 2016–He’s got them both covered.


Deval Patrick: “We know Mitt Romney.”


Lilly Ledbetter, American Hero. “Maybe 23 cents doesn’t sound like a lot to someone with a Swiss bank account.”


Shep drills down on the issues.




Tammy Duckworth. True hero, survivor of Iraq chopper crash and Tea Party slander. Senate candidate, Illinois.


Rep. Jared Polis: “My great grandparents were immigrants to this country. I’m Jewish, I’m gay, I’m a father, I’m a son, I’m an entrepreneur, and I’m a Congressman from the great state of Colorado.”


Osama Hologram will be on call.


Tonight’s crowning moment so far: Just run Mr. Multiple Choice’s greatest hits and Ted Kennedy commentary. Play this all fall.


Joe Kennedy III. Tonight played by Prince Harry.


Obama considers an appearance of Jimmy Carter.


Majority leader Harry Reid.


Cory Booker. Defender of Wall Street.



Steny Hoyer. My favorite corporate Democrat. Friend of the telecoms, voted for the Iraq War. Huge corporate fundraiser. Collects, bundles, distributes money to Democratic candidates.


And the grand finale paid by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Duke Energy.


Welcome to DNC 2012! Hard to avoid the signs of the times.


What’s The Sequester?

Do you know what the Sequester is?  Well, it’s coming!  In this piece for The Washington Spectator we show the whole thing in a nutshell . . . a very hard nutshell!

The expiring Bush tax cuts frighten the GOP more than the Sequester does. And Obama can let them go by just doing nothing. It could be spectatcular!

As I have worked on these videos I feel they have started to change.  I am getting a better sense of what they want to be, I feel. My sense now is that the satire needs to be much more in context.  If there’s a chance to be informative as well as do commentary, I feel it works better.  On social media, I learned, you are talking to everyone. It’s wonderful to be exploring around in a new medium and feel that it starts to talk back and give you a new direction!