January 22, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.


Frances Fox Piven, author and scholar, is a recent victim of a new Glenn Beck paranoid fantasy, stating that she is the leader of a planned progressive takeover. The laughable clownish TV twit is not so funny; like other funny little men, he can marshal an army of other funny little men, who, together, can do very unfunny things.  Silence is their greatest ally.  The entire piece can be read at The Chronicle of Higher Education  LINKED HERE. Ms. Piven clarifies what she has said in a Nation piece written in the ’60’s and how that was distorted by Beck.   It is excerpted below.

Crazy Talk and American Politics: or, My Glenn Beck Story
By Frances Fox Piven

. . .  According to Beck, I, together with my husband, Richard Cloward, with whom I
frequently collaborated before his death, am the proponent of a theory of
“orchestrated crisis” that lies behind an array of threats to American
society, including the emergence of Students for a Democratic Society,
Acorn, George Soros and the Open Society Institute, the New York City fiscal
crisis, the election of Barack Obama, and the recent financial meltdown.
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