January 23, 2018
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A Walker to the End of a Lie

This wonderful NY Times piece from last Sunday lays out the clear difference between economic approaches in Wisconsin and Minnesota. One being a doctrinaire political ideology where Right Wing do-nothing austerity and the suffering it causes is peddled to the masses as job creation. And the other, a can-do activist state government, taxing some spending for the state and creating growth and services and increased  quality of life.

Scott Walker, stooge of the tax and service-cutting, union-crushing Koch Brothers in Wisconsin, presides over a slowing economic environment and job market and a diminished state profile. Minnesota’s Mark Dayton, however, is an unabashed liberal, taxing the rich, increasing aid to education and social services. Jobs are up and so is the desirability of Minnesota as a destination for business and families.

Here then, in microcosm, is the clear philosophy of public investment, for once in sharp contrast with the myth of an outdated, discredited Right wing I’ve-got-mine-screw-you ideology.

You don’t have to spin, only observe.

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Scott Walker2Scott Walker

The Truman Show 2

Harry Truman gets a break. On his way out of the White House he hears Schwarzenegger’s speech blasting the oil industry for dumping millions into the cause of killing new environmental regs in California.  Harry sees at last someone not afraid to tell the truth and let the Right hear that class warfare is their business and they do it 24-7.

Schwarzenegger decries the oil-black hearts of characters like the Koch Brothers who will fund Tea Parties and Citizens United-inspired unlimited and anonymous ads to destroy anything that shaves any bit of profit from their quarterly statements.  Koch Industries, BTW, are worth about $100 Billion. They make just about everything you see in the room you’re sitting in right now (well almost). Let Obama hear this speech, do thus, and keep Harry dancing.

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