January 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

It Ain’t Over ‘Till the Fat Man Sings

“Bridgegate” isn’t just about a mistake that some bureaucrat made in New Jersey. It’s about Chris Christie’s using the city of Ft. Lee and surrounding towns as hostages in a political game. It’s a kind of political terrorism.  And don’t think people were unhurt. Many were. As their stories  come out, so too will be those of the people surrounding the Big Boss. And like all Big Bosses he will have to come clean. If he had from the beginning, this, and he, wouldn’t smell so bad. Here’s my take for The Nation, coming out today. First the sketches:



O the Humanity



Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty and the Great Grey Bridge was the winner. After a number of email exchanges with the great art director Robert Best, all compositional issues were resolved.

On your newsstand soon.

Thanks to Robert, Roane Carey and Katrina vanden Heuvel for being typically wonderful.

Drive safely!

Christie Nation Cover with layout700

The GOP: We’re Dying as Fast as We Can!

My opener to the package for current Mother Jones. Thanks to Carolyn Perot, Tim Luddy, Monika Bauerlein, Clara Jeffrey for their smarts and courage.

Jim DeMint, Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity, Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh lead the idiot’s parade urging the GOP as far to the  Right as possible, as the poor devil eats one grenade after another. Oh, no Mr. Creosote!!!

Never give a Bishop a gogo stick. Or a political platform regarding women’s health issues.

Poor George Allen.  Hoping for support in a tea party crazy GOP world that is far crazier than he. And, of course, first he has to rid himself of those damned macacas.

Mitt sits atop a great pyramid of financial support.  That’s me on the bottom.

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More Fun Than a Barrel of Flying Bush Monkeys

Now that Republican Elites (yes the ELITES!) are confronting the prospect of their GOP becoming identified as the Party of Crazy, what will they do?  Nothing!!  “Pros” like Karl Rove are now completely under the spell of that captivating witch from Delaware.  As the Wizard will tell them, they are f*cked.

It’s in the Bag

My conversion to the Tea Party is now complete with the primary win tonight of Tea Hearth-Throb Christine O’Donnell.  The biggest news about her and her pals is that while Hard Righties like her used to hide behind posturing euphemisms of various kinds, now the vogue is to let everything hang out. Not only are they backward, stupid, venal and racist . . . they are proud of it! And how they love that tea,  even if the Tea Bag that goes down is their own party.  This Senate seat will go Democrat now in Delaware because of Chrissy, the angel whose light will guide Delaware and the world.

Here’s her former campaign manager:

Apples Are Red!!!

Seen today on W. 93rd St: a mother in a greengrocer’s buying a yellow apple.  Her baby was struggling with the concept.  “Apples are RED!” he kept insisting.  The patient mom took time and explained this to him.  “All apples are not the same.  Here is a yellow one!”  Clearly out of his comfort zone the little fellow insisted on the old reality.  I’m sure he will come round.  It did remind me of the current political scene.  About 20% of the electorate are having a rough time accepting realities that take them out of their comfort zone.  Glenn Beck viewers who don’t like that, for example, we NEED immigration in the United States, you CAN’T cut taxes during wars and depressions, human sexuality is NOT all the same, multi-national corporations ARE the Big Brother you think the government is, and they ARE behind Global Warming, which IS real, Medicare and Social Security ARE government programs, etc. What Glenn and the Becker-heads need, of course is a patient Mommy to explain reality to them.  They used to have this when the media choices were limited to professional outlets.  But now why bother when with FOX News they can have “reality”. And all apples can be red for always. ‘Night Mother.