January 18, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

More Fun Than a Barrel of Flying Bush Monkeys

Now that Republican Elites (yes the ELITES!) are confronting the prospect of their GOP becoming identified as the Party of Crazy, what will they do?  Nothing!!  “Pros” like Karl Rove are now completely under the spell of that captivating witch from Delaware.  As the Wizard will tell them, they are f*cked.

It’s in the Bag

My conversion to the Tea Party is now complete with the primary win tonight of Tea Hearth-Throb Christine O’Donnell.  The biggest news about her and her pals is that while Hard Righties like her used to hide behind posturing euphemisms of various kinds, now the vogue is to let everything hang out. Not only are they backward, stupid, venal and racist . . . they are proud of it! And how they love that tea,  even if the Tea Bag that goes down is their own party.  This Senate seat will go Democrat now in Delaware because of Chrissy, the angel whose light will guide Delaware and the world.

Here’s her former campaign manager: