January 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Person of the Day: BRAVEHEART

In the crashing, burning finale to the House Radicals’ ploy to trash the compromise on the payroll tax cut and burn the country, all for the sake of  ideologically-based hatred of Obama and all things government, the stand-out loser is John Boehner. Days ago his crazy Tea Party caucus was praising him to the skies, calling him “Braveheart”, in going against common sense and his own party!

Soon the poll numbers started to come in. Today he ends up very much like the actual Braveheart. Soon to be Artichoke-heart. As it were.

PS: Sometimes laws of gravity do apply in politics. All those who have been despairing of it ever  happening can now yell, “Freedom!”


If John Boehner’s fervent desire is to be on TV all the time, he is wildly successful.  Does it matter to him what he is famous for? That he is engaging in bringing down the American economy as part of his mission to bring down Obama? This is the Holy War of the ideologically blind and the morally corrupt, making him a big name for our domestic terror watch list. The irony is that we are watching him all the time.


Latest for Need to Know

Here are three of the films done this year for Need to Know, the news magazine hosted by Jon Meacham and Alison Stewart that began in May. Doing Editorial work for TV and the web is a challenge because you have to invent the form as you go. But what’s better than that? Thanks to Shelley Lewis, Tom Casciato, Stephen Segaller,  Andy Halper and everyone there for the great work on the series and their support of my project. And the production at Asterisk and The Refinery for making these possible.

Boehner our existence

John Boehner, Republican Leader in the House and hilarious and horrifying shill for Wall Street, showed signs of courage this weekend, when he signaled he might compromise a bit on taxes.  Obama says the Bush tax cuts be repealed ONLY for the rich.  Boehner started to move that way, but got slapped down by his party yesterday.   Will the Tea Party Wall St. haters see who’s really living inside of Boehner?

Here’s the very good Times piece that blows the whistle on that orange golf ball: CLICK HERE