May 28, 2017
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100 DAYS

This image for The Washington Post marks Trump’s 100 Days in office.

Great thanks to Adam Kushner, editor and Chris Ruken, designer for making this happen.

Prints are now available HERE.








For the LA Times: The White House Civil Wars.








Mark Meadows (Freedom Caucus.)





(This image available as a Giclee print:
I was working on a big Hillary Inauguration piece for the LA Times in October and got pretty far with it. The idea was to have all the important characters in Washington and media at the ceremony all smeared with orange slime. 
Then, well, you know.
I needed, as we all did, time to figure out what had just happened. Gradually the replacement became clearer: President Pumpkin was, as a tin pot autocrat, to himself and his followers, a kind of king. Then I thought of Goya’s magnificent portrait of King Charles IV of Spain, where he mercilessly caricatured them (and they loved it, BTW.) Charles is a nothing, an empty vessel. You can make this case for Trump. He sells whatever the “mark” is buying. The family of Cankerous Cumquat is roughly the same size. The gilt-edged lifestyle, also a good fit. So I began. 
Here’s the final, details and process shots. It is darned good to be an illustrator when your deepest feelings can find a form. I marched around DC with a lot of you yesterday. Both things gave me the same feeling. That we are at the beginning of a movement of great power. Let us hope.
It took a couple of weeks to finish with the absolutely wonderful support of Susan Brenneman and  Wesley Bausmith at the Times.


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