January 19, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Hey, it’s Oscar Time!

No, no don’t run away. I’m here to help.

Our annual collision between large screen fantasy and small screen fiction is about to commence. And nobody can explain what it means. That might be because it is profoundly without meaning. With that in mind I offer my annual take on the future of Hollywood. This is all certifiably correct. Mock my words.

Thanks to the perfect team of Susan Brenneman and Wes Bausmith at the LA Times who made this page of Sunday funnies possible.

2014 Oscars 1


2014 Oscars Wolf 2


2014 Oscars 3 Cruz


2014 Oscars 5 Brown


2014 Oscars 4 Christie

Oscars Koch 1

Grandpas Type1 Grandpas type 2


2014 Oscars 6 Birdseye


2014 Oscars 8 Woody


2014 Oscars 9 Hillary