February 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

The Christie Press Conference today . .

Christie Pit Bull . . . was very instructive. As a pol he is unique. He toggles. One moment he’s the ferocious man-eating shark. The next he is the innocent, earnest young fellow, eager to make good. This, in politics, is what we call talent. It can cover a multitude of sins. Reagan had it and people still don’t know the tremendous damage he caused. Christie has it in a blue-collar mien and voice. As I watched this performance all I kept thinking was, this is one dangerous sonofabitch.


  1. Roger Bloyce says:

    Christie is indeed a horror, and his apotheosis demonstrates the level to which we have sunk as a nation. The media sell-out to the super-rich has created the unprecedented ignorance of the electorate, which is much greater now than during the Reagan, Nixon, Joe McCarthy, Huey Long, and Boss Tweed eras and has been getting markedly worse, almost by the hour.

    Today we are supposed to believe that maybe, just maybe somehow or other, Governor Christie didn’t know about his administration’s attack on mass transportation, which, as New Jersey commuters have long known, has been one of his favorite targets.

    So one media fool after another defends Christie here, gives him credit for something there, and desperately attempts to convince the public that the Governor was unaware of the stupid, vicious, and illegal act his aids committed.

    There is no conceivable possibility that Christie was unaware of the event at the time he denied knowledge of it, and he should be arrested, hand-cuffed, jailed, indicted, tried, convicted, and imprisoned.