January 19, 2018
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A Walker to the End of a Lie

This wonderful NY Times piece from last Sunday lays out the clear difference between economic approaches in Wisconsin and Minnesota. One being a doctrinaire political ideology where Right Wing do-nothing austerity and the suffering it causes is peddled to the masses as job creation. And the other, a can-do activist state government, taxing some spending for the state and creating growth and services and increased  quality of life.

Scott Walker, stooge of the tax and service-cutting, union-crushing Koch Brothers in Wisconsin, presides over a slowing economic environment and job market and a diminished state profile. Minnesota’s Mark Dayton, however, is an unabashed liberal, taxing the rich, increasing aid to education and social services. Jobs are up and so is the desirability of Minnesota as a destination for business and families.

Here then, in microcosm, is the clear philosophy of public investment, for once in sharp contrast with the myth of an outdated, discredited Right wing I’ve-got-mine-screw-you ideology.

You don’t have to spin, only observe.

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  1. Pete Wagner says:

    Steve, your caricature of Cab Calloway, below, is superb. It took me right back to the time I met him and saw him perform here in St. Paul in one of his last shows in the 1980s. (He invited me to the show after seeing my caricature of him in City Pages, the alternative weekly where I was staff cartoonist/caricature artist.) But the drawing of Scott Walker, above, is MUCH too kind! You need to do more work to capture that seedy, smarmy, slimey, suck-up-to-the-koch-boys look of his. Too much like Reagan. Walker is much more of a used car salesman type.

  2. Steve says:

    Pete: Great story about Cab. I bet he loved the art. He was a great lover of life and audiences. I was so grateful to work on the film. Walker is a stooge, we know this. Much better to go after the Kochs et al. And do and will. A call to all caricaturist to tell the truth always.THANKS. SB