February 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

A Little Night Music

A musical nightcap. Courtesy Brooklyn Rider, playing Donia Oltului, Romanian traditional piece. Killer.

. Thanks to WQXR. Join them.

Extremely Grateful . . .

. . . to the judges at the Society of Publication Designers for the 2013 Silver Medal in spot series and other medals of merit for my work this past year. Freelance artists value the feedback  . . . especially this kind! Thanks to the judges:  Jordan Awan, The New Yorker; Sergio Baradat, United Nations Postal Administration; Chad W. Beckerman, Abrams; Joele Cuyler, Real Simple; Jennifer Daniel, Bloomberg Businessweek; Grace Lee, Priest + Grace; and Alexandra Zsigmond, The New York Times.

And the art directors and editors I have worked with this year. This is truly a collaborative effort.

Obamaloon_sObamaloon for The National Journal. Jan Zimmeck AD, Ron Brownstein Ed.

Bishop sizedThe Bouncing Bishop. For Mother Jones. Tim Luddy, Carolyn Perot, ADs, Clara Jeffrey, Monika Bauerlein, Eds.

Fortune Singer opener780Paul Singer, Romney Donor, Fortune, Michael Solita, AD



Nixon for Mother Jones. Part of the Campaign Finance series that copped the Silver at the SPD. Same gang as above. Thanks again Tim, Carolyn, Clara, Monika.

For the rest of the Mojo winners see my previous post HERE .







Mother’s Day’s activist political roots.

This year celebrate by taking action. Sign a petition, write a letter, donate to a cause.

For this weekend’s LA Times.

Great thanks to Wes Bausmith, Susan Brenneman, Sue Horton.

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Mother's Day headline

Anne Jarvis2

MD Text1

Howe Peace


Howe and Proc.

Mother's Day Carnation

MD Text 3

Mother's Day Anna Writing fixed nostril

MD Text 4

Mother's Day Wilson

MD Text 5

MD Wanamakers w text

Reading Krusinski

KRUSINSKIclick on image to enlarge

DN Today: Sexual Abuse, Latin History

Checking in with Democracy Now. May 8, 2013