January 19, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Who’s Here?



  1. ALEX MCCRAE says:


    Nice drawing… as usual.

    I’m loving your ‘searching’ line approach.

    At first glance I couldn’t figure out what those dark, regimented graphic rectangles along the left margin were, until I realized it was the rings and slots of your spiral drawing pad. Doh!

    Even though we have a fairly efficient, tidy rapid transit–Metro– system here in L.A., I must confess I rarely use it, and am pretty much a slave to my Sienna minivan, in this sprawling megalopolis that almost demands that we take our cars everywhere we Los Angelenos are obliged to go.

    (Bicycling here can be a pretty hairy, treacherous experience, where motorists tend to rule the roadways.)

    Back in my early-to-mid-’70s art student days in my hometown of Toronto, w/ it’s great subway/ trolley/ bus system, I actually looked forward to my frequent public transit commutes, all the while taking in ‘the maddening crowd’ of multi-cultured Toronto paying commuters who spanned the global gamut of race, ethnicity, profession, and class…. always a visual delight to this developing artist’s hungry, curious, ever-roving aesthetic eye.

    I studied faces, postures, attitudes, how clothes, and ‘accessories’ related to the individual’s body, but never actually sketched commuters on the public transit. I think this close observation of fellow commuters, over time, to some degree helped in my future caricaturing exploits. Who knows?

    Thanks for these occasional little impromptu ‘life drawings’, Steve.


    P.S.: —I’m considering attending your little illustrators’ confab at the Rowe Center in early May. Sounds like a super event. (Maybe even get in a little birding, to boot? I’m a huge bird lover.)