January 17, 2018
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7 Covers for 7 Nations

Today’s edition of  The Nation is the seventh I did cover art for in 2012. Here it is along with the complete collection. So grateful to The Nation and all editors, writers, designers. Especially: Katrina vanden Heuvel, Milton Glaser, Roane Carey, Sue Walsh. It is a collaboration I enjoy tremendously: working for a magazine and group of journalists I greatly admire. Here’s to a peaceful and fact-based world in the new year.

Here’s this week’s. Grover Norquist, tin tea pot dictator of our modern GOP. His idea is to destroy the United States government. We used to fight wars against such people.

Nation Norquist Cover smThere was this one painted election night.

Wave Nation Coversm



Just one week before that my comment on the big money year that was Campaign, 2012.


Nation Moneyheads coversm


Here’s the process video of that last one.



One of the pieces from my convention live blog was this Ryan portrait, now refitted for the cover. With a Jiminy Mitt .


Nation Ryan Pinoccio Cover




To go along with my convention coverage, a tug of war. Done in pencil and colored in Photoshop.


Nation Face Off cover sm





A lead up to the Republican convention: You don’t like my party? Get out of here and buy your own!


Greedy Old Party Nation Cover sm


Romney in ’12. That’s 1912!  Hey, who was he again?

Romney 1912 Nation Cover







  1. Jim and Betsy Payne says:

    We enjoy seeing the process of your creating the covers for The Nation. We buy The Nation just for your covers. In the video of making the 11/5/12 cover, what is the music you use in the background?

    Jim and Betsy

  2. Steve says:

    Jim and Betsy:
    So grateful! Thanks so much. The Caruso recording are from Enrico Caruso: The Verdi Recordings 1902-1917. Great fun eh?
    All best,

  3. Debbie Schafer says:

    Oy yes…Your Jewish Oscars! As good as the movies, and take so much less time to see …so.this commentary should go on another page maybe? should I apologize.?

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks Debbie. If the Oscars aren’t funny then what’s the point? Best, SB