January 23, 2018
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  1. Steve, about Nate Silver not wanting to be known as a gay half-Jewish pollster. Back in 1949 My Cousin moved to N.Y. with an idea and borrowed 2,000 from his mother to start a new survey company. He used to rent a Univac machine(computer) during off business hours to take survey’s for the new post WWll youth market. Then it was measured in millions of dollars… to day it’s billions! However to be successful he had to change his name from Goldberg to Gilbert to do business with fortune 500 companies. His company name was Gilbert Youth Research… and in a short time became a millionaire. I perfectly understand Nate’s reasoning about not wanting to be known as a gay pollster… however, at least he did not have to change his name.

    I happen to be openly gay and involved in the movement for over 40 years. I often remark that being gay does not make one a better politician,athlete,hairdresser or pollster! Back in 1977, i helped support the campaign of Terry Hallinan, who was running against Harvey Milk. Harvey was openly gay and Jewish like myself and happened to be a friend of mine. However, I felt Terry, A lawyer who was Irish Catholic, married and a resident of the district for most of his life was better qualified then Harvey based on being a Freedom rider in the 60s,represented G.I.s who did not want to return to the Vietnam war and political activist long before Harvey. I received the wrath of the gay community

    Since the Election, I have defended Nate often on several gay sites for his reasoning about not declaring his sexual preference. Cheers, and Happy New year! Jerry
    Side Bar: Would you believe that Phillip Morris was one of my cousin’s first clients. Also G.E. who wanted to know what colors to make their new small transistor radios. He eventually moved on to college age students and one of his clients was No Doze!(To keep you awake in class)

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the personal anecdote. Identity politics always lies in wait for someone to step over some line. I’m not sure why it’s important that we know Nate’s sexual orientation, unless it helps other gays to see another genius among their ranks. Jews feel good about Freud and Einstein. Perhaps the Irish feel great about James Joyce, although he had mixed emotions about them. I’m sorry you had the tough time you did. When people become symbols a lot of thinking that might have taken place no longer has a chance to happen. You sound pretty much at peace with all of that. I am a fugitive of the ’60’s so I remember what can happen to complexity when people need followers and bumper sticker political movements. Small steps for mankind.

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