January 19, 2018
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Romney Campaign Update


  1. ALEX MCCRAE says:

    Hi Steve,

    We’ve heard of the somewhat now-arcane expression, “being hoisted on one’s own petard”, but your prescient drawing of the bayonet-skewered, post -3rd-debate, Mitt, takes that notion of embarrassingly tripping up on one’s own ignorance to a whole new level of drollery.

    If you’d thrown in an old nag of a horse, for good measure, you would have captured last evening’s clever Obama “horses and bayonets” debate rejoinder to Romney stressing the imperative to up the U.S. military ante, to-a-T.

    I like your rather euphemistic, officious-sounding use of the words “abort” and “acquired”, and the implied gross indecisiveness, and rush to bureaucratic palliatives, demonstrated by the Romney campaign camp.

    “Seymour” the rifle and his “trust fund”, indeed. (NRA endorsed, no doubt.)

    Drawing note: Love how you cornered-off Mitt’s jawline in a perfect 90-degree angle. (What was that square on the hypotenuse thingy we learned in geometry?)

    Well, exactly two weeks till voting day.

    Obama has clearly rebounded from his dismal showing in the first TV debate, w/ Biden first stemming the ‘bleeding’ in the earlier VP face-off w/ Rep. Ryan, setting Barack up w/ some positive momentum for two credible, strong, on-message, invigorated efforts that put him right back on a potentially winning track.

    I appreciate the evolution, over the course of covering the party nominating conventions and presidential debates, of your shifting approach to caricaturing Romney, and how your rendering of his prominent forehead, deep-set eyes, slightly pointy nose and anvil-like chin have become more, and more compressed, giving him a rather dour, pondering, moody air. This latest caricature demonstrates these features, perfectly.

    Steve, as PBS/ NPR interviewer Tavis Smiley is wont to say in his on-air sign-offs, “Keep the faith.”