January 19, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

In Sunday’s Washington Post: 5 Things Obama Can Do:

This piece in the Sunday Post, has an active comment page. Join the fray:

Thanks to Kristin Lenz, AD, Opinion.


  1. ALEX MCCRAE says:

    Hi Steve,

    First-rate effort, as per usual.

    Always appreciate your giving a parting shout-out credit to your various assignment art directors, and such.

    Particularly got a big chuckle out of the secreted Clinton, the grey eminence as it were, under-the-lectern number. Although all 5 illos were little gems in their own right.

    Clearly, our man Barack is going to have to have some major fancy tricks up his sleeve (or down his pants) for his next ‘Ultimate Smack-down Debate’ w/ Romney, tomorrow evening. No more whoosie-pants Obama. It’s do, or die at this critical stage.

    Steve, I think you should have given Obama a much bigger cigarette lighter, or perhaps a blowtorch-cum-trousers, ’cause lying thru his pearly-whites seems to be one of Mitt’s major debating tactics, these days. Romney appears to be morphing into that classic, enigmatic figure of Greek myth, Janus, whose main claim to fame was having two faces. As the stoic Tonto would have said, “Mitt speak w/ forked tongue.”

    That simple Red Bull helmet delivery contraption is an absolute must this time around. Mountain Dew would work just fine, as well. Obama definitely needed a huge energy boost in that drowsy first debate, so any assist tomorrow evening will be a net plus.

    Obama flashing his Big Bird T-shirt could be a clever distracting gambit. Big Bird, as we know, may speak softly, but he carries a BIG drumstick. Actually two.(Groan)

    Frankly, I would have loved to have seen VP Joe Biden wearing a T-shirt depicting Sesame Street’s “The Count”, when he squared off w/ his wonky opponent, alleged House finance whiz, Paul Ryan, last week. “The Count” is no numbers-crunching (piercing?) slouch himself. And just the fact that he’d have been constantly giving Ryan the vampire eye, may have kept Ryan’s flow of fuzzy math at bay.

    But bottom-line, old, wily Joe did what he had to do, and seemed to at least get some Dems mojo back, that had been sadly squandered earlier by his boss.

    Of course, Obama is a lefty, like yours truly. Whether he should write his power-point-like notations on his left, or right hand, is a moot point. Since this time around the town-hall format will be in play, and the debaters are able to move freely about the stage and even engage queries from live audience members, I’m thinking the crib-notes-on-the-palm might not be an opportune, or wise move on Obama’s part.

    Behind the lectern, remaining relatively stationary, it would be much easier to conceal the cribbing-on-the-hand ruse. Maybe, for the last debate it could work to his advantage?

    Romney’s got those sanctified Mormon undies* going for him, whilst Obama is likely sporting Fruit of the Loom briefs , or Calvin Klein boxers. Now who said religion and politics shouldn’t mix?

    *OK. Admittedly that was a low blow, there. I apologize…. kinda.