January 19, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

RNC Finale

Here’s the crashdown for the RNC from last night. For thenation.com all told, 68 pieces.

Newt, Calista, Jeb, Marco, the Bot. And not a shred of content between them. Someone had the bright idea yo shove Clint Eastwood in for entertainment value. That worked, but not as intended (unless it was planned by a Democrat).  To paraphrase John Ford: when the information becomes the bullshit, print the bullshit. I hope there will be someone left who can tell the difference.

Here’s my batch (in reverse order). Democrats on Tues.

Coda. For a man who almost nobody likes, whose dad may have unliked him tonight. From a letter by George Romney, words to contemplate.

The presidential and vice presidential nominees… and Romney and Ryan.

Romney Olympics 2012: Pentagon Cuts/Pentagon Spending Spree

Romney Olympics 2012: The Abortion Flip

Romney Olympics 2012: The Healthcare Flip

The Romney Olympics 2012

President Who (from an idea suggested by Burt Silverman).

Rubio’s speech gives Romney a new perspective on his VP pick.

Sarah Palin, Fox News: “If the Republican Party is racist, why have we elected so many minorities? Why did we elect Susana Martinez?… Why do we have so much respect for Herman Cain, and so many of these minorities?”

Happy to be here, and happy to contemplate 2016!

Marco Rubio claims his family escaped Castro in 1956. Castro must have looked like this.

So if this Clint Eastwood blends with Mitt Romney in viewer’s brains, is that the image Republicans want?

Ann Coulter, Fox News, on the Youth Vote: “Why are we all letting infants vote? Their brains aren’t fully formed!”

Tom Stemberg, founder of Staples, says Romney worked on saving Staples and its jobs—not Bain and its investors. That was easy!

The Oparowskis — who lost their son — Mitt was nice to them. The Humanize Romney Project.

Bobby Jindal, my favorite Republican (as a caricaturist), gets to be seen again as a man of action… and escapes this convention!

Education is just like milk.

My opinion.

The Education Party. Is Our Children Learning?

I love my brother, but OWWW!!

Jeb, we hardly knew ye.

Oh, to be a Romney son.

It’s the Loopy/Dizzy Comedy Hour!

Connie & Mary

Connie Mack starts the evening!


  1. Joe Fournier says:

    One gem after another. And you’re right, that Jeb Bush has a head like a bird feeder.

  2. Steve says:

    Oh baby, brilliant. I would have loved to draw that!

  3. ALEX MCCRAE says:


    You really finished off your RNC finale w/ a super flourish. Bravo!

    Thanks for all your amazing takes on all three-days of convention happenings. You managed to cover a lot of satirical ground, and few of the key GOP bigwigs (or ‘little-wigs’, for that matter) escaped your discerning eye, and wild imagination. I’m sure the folks at The Nation are more than pleased w/ your herculean effort.

    Great catch, by-the-way, w/ that Marco Rubio’s playing it a bit fast-and-loose w/ Cuban history….. !956, indeed!

    Of course, a young Fidel Castro and his loyalist Marxist rebel minions didn’t wrest the full reins of power in Cuba until their daring revolutionary ouster of the then El Presidente, the tyrannical Fulgenciio Batista, back in 1959.

    So congrats on your very cool depiction of what amounts to Castro’s unwitting doppelganger, of sorts, in the guise of Generalisimo (?) Batista; at least in the confused historical imaginings of Rep. Rubio.

    ( Rubio’s just a young, relatively ‘green’ pol, and still clearly a little wet behind the ears.)

    So in point of fact, Rubio’s folks left their native Cuba, vamoosing to Florida, and the American Dream, some four years prior to the Communist/ Castro takeover.

    Taking in your fine first drawing and that sage senior Romney quote, I would surmise, in some ways, Mitt, the son, fell far from the solid-as-a-rock dad, George, off the grand Romney family tree. In other words, hardly a ‘chip off the old block’.

    (Hmm… I wonder how papa Romney arrived at that distinctive crooked nose of his? An old sports injury, or perhaps being on the receiving end of an overly-zealous political rival’s left-hook sucker punch?)

    Steve, is it just my imagination, or am i seeing a bit of Ronald Reagan’s angular visage creeping into your profile rendition of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal?

    Poor Bobby, the guy can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to being forever jinxed by Mother Nature’s wrath—- Katrina, the BP disaster, and now this drenching Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Isaac.(Ugh!)

    Steve, your take on , blow-hard ultra-right-wing pundit, Ann Coulter, (just SO right on), makes me think she may be the bad seed/ secret spawn of that annoying, acerbic xenophobe, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. Just sayin’. (Must be their bleached-blond, straight hair, ever- boviating pie-holes, and pointy schnozolas that put that perverse thought into my noggin. HA!)

    Loved your Romney (unofficial) 2012 Olympic ‘pol-vaulting’ (groan) histrionics. Here, all along we thought Mitt’s much younger, more physically buff Vice-Presidential running mate, Paul Ryan, was the most fit, most dynamic, most energetic half of the GOP ticket? Boy, were we s-o-o-o wrong. (Go Mitt…… break a leg!)

    Nice job on Jeb Bush. Haven’t really seen that many caricatures of the brighter, less problematic of George H. W. Bush, and mom Barbara’s male progeny.

    Clever morphing of the Romney Halloween-style mask, transformed into the signature “Occupy” movement’s Guy Fawkes-inspired disguise.

    Again, thanks for all your hard work this week, Steve, and sharing the fantastic results.

    It was a real treat.

  4. SB says:

    Thanks again for your keen eye and sharp tongue. Don’t see anything Reaganesque in Bobby. He is just so fun to draw. Politically, he’s a smart manager but in the wrong party. If he can do a few policy backflips he’d be a bigger star with the D’s. But, well, never mind. Some other disaster will probably get in the way of that.

  5. ALEX MCCRAE says:



    Yeah, I have to agree w/ your generous, balanced take on Gov. Jindal’s managerial savvy, and his basic political intelligence. (Hmm… “political intelligence”….. could that be ‘conskrewed’ as an oxymoron? I know the phrase, “military intelligence”, has been, on occasion. Rumsfeld & Co. come immediately to mind.)

    Too bad Bobby Jindal, back in November of 2008, kind of dashed any realistic hopes for future higher-office as a seriously considered GOP candidate for U.S. President or VP, (beyond his current state governorship), when he embarrassed himself w/ that rambling official GOP ‘response’ to Obama’s victory speech, while almost casually strolling thru his hardly-humble family abode. (Or was that shot in the Louisiana State Building? It looked like his own gaudy McMansion, to me. Whatever.)

    Very telling how just one, (or two) publicly-aired, live-in-real-time, political boners can make, or break a rising pol’s career. All credit to Jindal, though. He’s forged on w/ some distinction and resolve despite that earlier career misstep, and has since proven to be a pretty effective administrator, in a state plagued by one major natural calamity after another.

    Who knows, Jindal could pull a ‘political 360’ at some point, and come over to ‘the other’ team. Flip-flops in politics, as we political junkies all know, are kinda rare, but not unheard of.

    Steve, the next disaster that, as you put it, “will probably get in the way of that”, might be Mitt Romney and the GOP-ers winning in November. (Perish the thought.)

    Rumors are afoot, already, that they’re grooming Clint Eastwood for Secretary of Defense.

    Wouldn’t THAT make our day?

  6. alberto says:

    Ilustre: Sure admire ALL your brilliant work. Please, can we have the 2012-Quijote riding an skinny elephant attacking an empty chair? His brain also did dried out. Gracias Alberto