January 19, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

RNC Day 2

Highlights from last n ight.

Tonight we wrap at http://www.thenation.com/blog/169608/steve-brodner-live-rnc-art-blog

Paul Ryan, tongue puppet, by Koch Industries. Available at RNC concession stands.


Paul Ryan’s Growth Agenda.


Ryan’s Honest-T


Gov. Susana Martinez (NM) slightly delayed tonight. Jan Brewer had to check her papers.




Condi Rice, accompanied tonight by an escort of 4,000 soldiers lost in Iraq.


GOP’s Favorite Dish


Chris Matthews, MSNBC: “All of this is disgraceful BS. They’re saying things to people to get them to stand up and applaud something that’s not going to happen. And if it does happen it’s a prescription for screwing people.”


Tonight all delegates get free Mike Huckabee coathangers.


Huck used to be so skinny. Must be all those Chick-Fil-As!


John Roberts, Fox News: “Romney has been attacking Obama on substance. Obama has been attacking Romney on personal.”




What pops into your mind when you see John McCain?


As a prank, the RNC puts up Bush video to scare the hell out of the delegates!

The Insulter In Chief

Wallace on FOX just now.

Ron Paul’s legacy. Another butt that burns for Ayn.

What does Rand Paul’s head look like to you?

Mitch McConnell — Where are the jobs?

Day Two! Here’s a deleted scene from the Ron Paul video. His 1964 civil rights position.


  1. ALEX MCCRAE says:


    You’re first clever Paul Ryan satiric swipe, IMHO, has really opened up a whole new sub-genre of puppetry—- tongue puppetry. Yet, my polymorphous perverse imagination came up w/ yet another puppet-friendly ‘appendage’,* but let’s keep this show in the PG, family-friendly zone. HA!

    I admit, I didn’t see the word “WAR” described by the spaces in Condi Rice’s smiling teeth, right off. But it’s a brilliant visual comment on her hawkish complicity in both the Afghan and Iraq war debacles. Your ghostly image of the “4,000” casualties of the ill-advised Iraq war fronted by Condi Rice in the foreground of the cartoon, reenforces the fact that she, along w/ the entire G. W. Bush administration will forever have American blood on their hands.

    Steve, you really captured that kind of vacant look that periodically comes over MSNBC political ‘analyst’ Chris Matthews’ pudgy, pale mug. Even though he’s technically on OUR side, being a left-of-center talking-head, he’s not one of my favorite on-air political commentators. Kind of arrogant, self-absorbed, and has a bad habit of often not letting his guests finish their sentences, by constantly injecting his opinion, and interrupting. Basically, not a good listener.

    Even though I always picture Fox News senior on-air commentator, Chris Wallace, as rather round-faced and jowly, where over the years he’s never given me the impression that he is the natural-born son of the legendary newsman, Mike Wallace, your more narrow-faced caricature of him from last evening, (which seems to have added a few more years to his visage), is the first time I can actually see a hint of facial resemblance between father and son. Bravo!

    Love the frothy popcorn hair-doo on Rand Paul. The other caricature of him, red-nosed and irate, at the XL-pipeline has a kind of Bevis & Butthead feel to it, style-wise. Kind of appropriate, no?

    Got a big chuckle out of Ryan as ‘Mr. Fitness’, tossing granny aside, flying from her wheelchair. Clearly an implied knock on his Draconian plans for overhauling Obamacare, thus alienating many of our Fed-dependent, aging retirees.

    Steve, have a great time tonight as Mitt takes center stage. It could be underwhelming. I know you won’t be pulling any punches.

    *I do believe there are actual ‘penis puppets’ out there. I guess this could be one way to spice up a waning sex-life. Just sayin’.



  2. Jon Casey says:

    Great, inspiring work. Thank you for the message and the astonishingly wonderful pencil pushing.