January 19, 2018
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RNC Live Blog from Last Night

Last night blogging from 7-11 pm on http://www.thenation.com/blogs/steve-brodner

Back at it again tonight @7


The American virtue of being an a**hole.

And away we go!

The delightful Ann Romney, here to humanize Mitt. How can she miss?

Nikki Haley. Anti-union, anti-black innuendo all in one speech!

Nikki Haley, former Sikh, now fiercely anti-immigrant. Also loves those Eggpersons.

Artur Davis loved Obama then tried to run for governor of Alabama and failed. Now he hates him. Are you following this?

The GOP convention may not be the best place for Ted Cruz to tell his family’s immigration story.

Rick Santorum goes over his To Do list.

One clock they forgot.

Scott Walker: saved in Wisconsin by Kochs, knows how good it is.

Bob McDonnell, Virginia governor, who loves the ultrasound machine. We thought he would like a scan.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin dealt with a recent heat wave by telling citizens to pray for rain.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has the backing of the race-based anti-voting rights movement. And vice versa.

Police at the RNC are paid with $50 million voted by Congress. We (the public) built it.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH) used to be State Attorney General. She spent years prosecuting Planned Parenthood, but ignored a large mortgage corporation Ponzi scheme.

Media stay on message.

We (the public) built it.

Do you think Reince Priebus got the job because he looks like a fetus?

Blockhead Boehner

7 pm: Blockhead Boehner (for all you Gumby fans). His and Mitch McConnell’s Job #1 has been to block and destroy the Obama presidency. When he talks about pain in the United States, it never seemed that important before.


  1. Ken says:

    These are just wonderful Steve. Fabu!!!!

  2. Joe Fournier says:

    A beautiful thumping! Right in your roundhouse!

  3. ALEX MCCRAE says:


    Love your assortment of droll drawings/ caricatures from the RNC self-aggrandizing grand confab last evening. What’s that saying about “an ill wind blows….” ? (Menacing hurricane Isaac, and all.)

    Your New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, parodied as Ralph Kramden was priceless. (Just a regular workin’ class stiff, alright. Although he really has the girth, and bravado of Jackie Gleason.)

    Interesting, that cheap ruse by Christie to get a guaranteed standing-“O” by urging the assembled state delegates, and other sundry GOP hangers-on to all stand, en masse, (while Mitt appeared to be dozing off. HA!), even before he’d wrapped up his hyped, rambling, Obama-bashing, self-centered keynote speech. I’m sure he would have gotten a closing standing-“O”, anyway—- can’t deny the effectiveness of the guy’s rabble-rousing, boffo stage demeanor.

    (Apparently it took Gov. Christie almost 17 minutes before he even mentioned, by name, the prospective future president. I guess his tough-loving New Jersey upbringing, and the importance of truth-telling in politics (hmm…right), were more relevant early talking points.)

    I had to chuckle (and cringe, at the same time), at Christie’s occasional vague allusion to the fact that w/ a victorious Romney/ Ryan administration assuming office next January, the American people will have to face the hash fiscal reality of the country’s crippled economic state, and ultimately all sacrifice; in other words, to be in store for anticipated individual belt-tightening and living on less, to counter what he alleges is the current Obama administration’s profligate, and wasteful spending, particularly in the traditional Fed entitlement sector.

    Of course, this is just veiled political-speak for the GOP’s intended implementation of future Draconian cuts, and major adjustments to those aforementioned big entitlement programs, i.e. Medicade, Medicare, Social Security and hefty government worker pensions .

    (But, of course, they won’t come straight out, in specific detail, and tell the American people about their real intentions, going forward. Otherwise, their electability would be compromised, come November. So they drop these subtle hints, and easier-to-swallow euphemisms.)

    Without raising taxes (the GOP’s basic no-new-taxes broken-record mantra), the seemingly rational and fair way to create a steady revenue stream running into the diminished Fed coffers, the Romney/ Ryan austerity-rules camp of less-government/ fewer taxes is ready and willing to basically eviscerate the long-standing cost-of-living fall-back safety-net for our seniors, and force our Generation-Y-ers and generations-to-come, to play what amounts to a form of free-market Russian roulette, dealing w/ a rapacious, ever-more consolidated, for-profit private health insurance sector, and a volatile, unpredictable equities market. (Ugh!)

    Steve, can’t wait to see what tricks you have up your sleeve for tonight’s GOP convention histrionics, w/ Rep. Paul “Fit as a Fiddle” Ryan taking the Tampa Bay-Times Forum stage.

    Be gentle…….. NOT! (HA! )

  4. Ann Telnaes says:

    Your Reince Priebus gives me the heebie-jeebies….
    Great stuff!

  5. ALEX MCCRAE says:


    Forgot to comment on the ‘peculiar’ seating arrangement in the Romney ‘box’, w/ none other than former Secretary of State, Connie Rice, sitting directly to the left of Mitt Romney. They seemed to be chatting up a streak at one point during Gov. Christie’s keynote speech.

    (Maybe Romney was trying to coax Connie into inviting him to Augusta National Golf Club for a round of golf, now that she’s become one of the first two official women members of this hallowed, almost lily-white, male institution?)

    If this wasn’t a pandering-to-the-black-electorate ploy, I don’t know how else one could slice it.. (Or, am I being far too cynical here.? I think not.)

    One could likely count the number of black GOP state delegates in attendance at last evening RNC gathering on your ten fingers. Other than the former denounced GOP organizer, Ron Steele, and the pizza-mogul-turned-presidential aspirant, Herman Cain, the presence of black folk in recent GOP ranks is about as scarce as a blackman at a Ku Klux Klan rally. (Sorry, that was a bit indelicate.)

    Frankly, Romney & Co. have a huge image problem when it comes to the black and Latino voting constituencies in America,. (Although I’ll admit neither within their respective voting blocs is ideologically monolithic). Not to mention their increased alienation of many concerned seniors who look to Medicare and Social Security as their life-line to sustaining a decent living situation into their golden years, and seeing the Republicans as eventually bursting their entitlement bubble.

    Have fun tonight, Steve.

    P.S.: —-Really got a kick out of your Sheriff Arpaio man-handling a stunned delegate, Ted Cruz. (Kinda speaks to the GOP/ Latino disconnect, no?). I see you didn’t even give Sheriff Joe, feet, yet the drawing still works perfectly well.. Little stubby piggy feet might have been cool.

  6. Steve says:

    Ken Ann and Alex:
    Thanks so much. This is something I’ve always wanted to do: illustration in real time. It’s hard but not as hard as I thought. Tomorrow I wrap for the week. I will post these tomorrow. Needing sleep now.
    Buenos noches,

  7. ALEX MCCRAE says:

    Hi Steve,

    No biggie here, but I should have referred to the former Secretary of State, Rice, as “Condi”, and not “Connie” Rice.

    Living here in L.A. for decades, I’m more immediately familiar w/ her accomplished Los Angeles-based cousin, the activist, high-profile civil rights attorney, Connie Rice., who is often in the local, and national media conversation when some major civil liberties issue comes to the for.

    Like her cousin, Condi, she’s very bright and articulate, and highly regarded in her field by her peers.

    Just checked out your RNC Day 2 efforts, and was predictably impressed. As they say, you are obviously workin’ your tush off.

    (You’ve really managed to capture the boyish essence of Paul Ryan, and have his caricatured puss down pat. He does have rather thin lips, a jutting chin (not as formidable as Mitt’s), and a fairly hawkish schnoz, which gives one a lot to work with. The shock of perfect jet-black hair, and Obama-esque lantern ears also gives you a lot of caricature-worthy ammunition, as well.)

    I thought of a possible fun cartoon scenario involving Romney and Ryan. In hearing, ad nauseam, Ryan’s self- narrated backstory of having grown up in small-town Janesville, Wisconsin, and still living on the very same street where he grew up and was raised, I couldn’t help harking back to the bucolic boyhood of Opie Taylor, growing up in the fictive town of Mayberry, under the loving guidance of “pah”, Andy Taylor, and the nurture of Aunt Bea.

    In his nostalgia- sprinkled speech last evening, Ryan drew attention to the wide generational gap between he and his running mate, Mitt. So I could picture a cartoon w/ say an 8-year-old Ryan as Opie, and an adult Mitt as Andy Taylor, fishing poles in hand, strolling along that familiar country road next to the old fishin’ hole that we see in the opening title sequence in every Andy Griffin Show intro.

    How they would interact is your call, but I think it could be an effective satirical statement. (Maybe have John Boehner as the laughable Gobber Pyle, wearing those grease-monkey dungarees. (Just a thought…… no pressure. HA!)

    Can’t wait to see how you handle the ‘Mittster’, tonight, when he’ll be addressing his GOP ‘congregants’. Ryan kind of set the charisma/ enthusiasm bar fairly high last night, so Mitt, who appears to have had a ‘charisma bypass’, might just come off as a bit flat, and mean-spirited if he chooses to publicly lambast Obama & Co.. We shall soon see.

    Steve, keep up the stellar work….. and try to get at least few winks in, once and a while. Amazing volume of work you are putting out, and you are still managing to keep the quality, and insightfulness right up there.



  8. ALEX MCCRAE says:


    That should have been “Goober” Pyle not “Gobber”, as I erroneously wrote in my earlier post. Gol….ley!

    While I’m here, might as well right another minor faux pas. At the end of the 2nd paragraph of my last post, it should have read, ” … issues come to the fore”, not, “to the for”. Hindsight is foresight, I guess. HA!