January 19, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

I’m an Illustrator AND Play One on the USA Network Site

Here’s to the premiere of the USA Network’s new mini series POLITICAL ANIMALS. This thinly disguised riff on Hillary Clinton, played here by heart-throb-to-guys-my-age Sigouney Weaver. Siggy here, however, actually divorces her philandering husband and then becomes a power on her own.  Something tells me this show will not hurt Hillary’s post-Obama plans. Here’s the link to the make-believe newspaper in their website, with art done by their make-believe artist, who has the same name as me. http://www.washingtonglobenews.com/

Here reporter Carla Guglino gets the dirt on former president Ciarán Hinds.

Sigourney now holds the upper hand while the ex-pres crawls around the floor John-John style.  Below, Sigourney and Adrian Pasdar take time out from their torrid affair. She to take an important call, he, for unofficial business.


  1. ALEX MCCRAE says:


    No doubt veteran actress Sigourney Weaver has a certain broad sex appeal, and comely allure for men-of-a-certain-age*…. you and I included. (Although I think i may have a decade, or so, of longevity on you, young whipper-snapper. HA!)

    I venture to say that Sigourney’s abiding attraction to fawning (or lusting) male fandom (and perhaps, many gals, as well), is firmly rooted in her now iconic kick-ass, kick-extraterrestials, role as Warrant Officer Ripley, in the über-popular, spine-tingling “Aliens” film series.

    In portraying the daring exploits of the dogged Ms. Ripley she represented the ultimate prototype for the totally buff, physically powerful, yet still very feminine, futuristic female action-adventure hero; predating such other bad-ass filmic actresses as Linda Lawless (Xena: the Warrior Princess), Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor, in The Terminator), and Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft franchise), to follow.

    “Siggy” has managed to retain her trim, toned, athletic physique, over the years, keeping those slightly chiseled facial features in tact*, w/ that firm, yet not too imposing jaw line, and thinnish lips reenforcing her diagnostic cool look, as if saying, ‘don’t mess w/ me, jacko!’ (Some guys might find that “look” a challenge…… but perhaps to their personal peril. HA!)

    I view the versatile Brit actress, Helen Mirren, in a similar vein as Sigourney Weaver, in that she projects the sex-and-sizzle of a much younger women, in a sense belying her more ‘mature’ years. But I digress.

    For in-the-know show-biz insiders, the fact that Sigourney descends from virtual entertainment/ broadcasting royalty, w/ her dad, NBC TV head-honcho, the late “Pat” Weaver, being one of the handful of impactful pioneers of the burgeoning television industry, only adds to Siggy’s overall mystique and allure. That she’s a fine actress, however, is the ultimate bottom line; patrician roots, or not.

    Steve, in sum, you’ve managed to masterfully capture Siggy’s likeness (as the TV character Elaine Barrish) to a “T”. Fun stuff. The ‘Post” clearly approves.

    *With few apparent facial wrinkles, or marked sagging, I doubt Siggy has had a great deal of cosmetic surgery. Although I could be dead wrong.

    **Not to be confused w/ the wonderful TNT drama/ comedy, “Men of a Certain Age”, starring actors Ray Romano, Andre Braugher, and Scott Bakula, that sadly was summarily terminated after three most entertaining seasons early last year. Critically acclaimed, but a cable-aired show desperately in search of a decent, committed viewing audience. Sound familiar?