February 26, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

What’s The Sequester?

Do you know what the Sequester is?  Well, it’s coming!  In this piece for The Washington Spectator we show the whole thing in a nutshell . . . a very hard nutshell!

The expiring Bush tax cuts frighten the GOP more than the Sequester does. And Obama can let them go by just doing nothing. It could be spectatcular!

As I have worked on these videos I feel they have started to change.  I am getting a better sense of what they want to be, I feel. My sense now is that the satire needs to be much more in context.  If there’s a chance to be informative as well as do commentary, I feel it works better.  On social media, I learned, you are talking to everyone. It’s wonderful to be exploring around in a new medium and feel that it starts to talk back and give you a new direction!


In the Wisconsin Recall election Gov. Scott Walker looks like he may survive and live to tear down the middle class a little more in his state. He has been railing against special interests while being the most worn-out joy-stick of the Koch Brothers in US politics.  Multi-billionaire oil tycoons Charles and David Koch are not content with making money while despoiling the planet, they want to soil our politics as well.  And look out America, here they come.

They are the stars of a recent video of mine for the Washington Spectator called 1 Minute in Heaven, where we see the Kochs getting frisky with Walker in a closet. This is not actual footage, however, as far as I know.