January 19, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.


In the Wisconsin Recall election Gov. Scott Walker looks like he may survive and live to tear down the middle class a little more in his state. He has been railing against special interests while being the most worn-out joy-stick of the Koch Brothers in US politics.  Multi-billionaire oil tycoons Charles and David Koch are not content with making money while despoiling the planet, they want to soil our politics as well.  And look out America, here they come.

They are the stars of a recent video of mine for the Washington Spectator called 1 Minute in Heaven, where we see the Kochs getting frisky with Walker in a closet. This is not actual footage, however, as far as I know.




  1. ALEX MCCRAE says:


    Yet another superb little animated short-subject piece.

    (Your ‘double entendred’ title did not escape this impressionable mind. HA!)

    Why do I feel you’ve managed to stylistically channel the decadent feel, and visceral creepiness of both the late brilliant German Expressionist satirist, George Grosz, and the somewhat obscure American eccentric painter, Ivan Albright …… w/ maybe a dash of New Yorker veteran cartoonist Ed Koren, and Playboy’s sardonic wit, Gahan Wilson, thrown in for good measure?

    Frankly, I haven’t seen that much free- flowing spittle since that prospective GOP presidential candidates’ televised debate, where the assembled gape-mouthed Republican Party hopefuls drooled in awe, as Texas governor Rick Perry had his infamous brain-fart, and dithered for what seemed like an eternity as he awkwardly fumbled for the name of that darn 3rd agency of the federal government that was worth chopping.

    (Perry, I’m sure was suffering from a major lack of ‘spittle’ during that embarrassing interlude, suffering from a classic case of dry mouth….. or as a diehard Lone Star Stater, more like cotton-mouth.)

    I especially liked your clever closing segment, Romney-as-self-absorbed-narcissist, sucking face w/ his doppelganger-persona …..Bain Capital personified. (I wonder if he threw in a little tongue action, harking back to his youthful respite living in France? O-O-O-O-O-O-LaLa! Les grands bisses, non?)

    Your video spoof sure puts a whole new twist on that old rejoinder, “Put you money where your mouth is.’

    All I can say is, Oy geh ‘vault’.

    P.S.: —Steve, i really appreciate your School of VISUAL ARTS sidebar link. Today I clicked onto Bree Davies’ engaging interview w/ former SVA’s alumnus, the young, emerging figurative painter, Jenny Morgan; plus I watched the attached 10- minute video of the bright, pretty, long-raven-haired Ms. Morgan explaining ‘the process behind her nude self-portraits’.

    She’s definitely an up-and-comer to be seriously reckoned with.