December 13, 2017
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Sponge Bob Tea Party Crank of the Day

Sponge Bob Tea Party Crank of the Day.

In the amazing Sunday piece in the Times we meet Tea Party hawks who believe in cutting taxes and spending across the board, but can’t IMAGINE losing these benefits themselves.  We see how 1 of 4 dollars in middle class income now comes from government aid of various kinds.  Also that red states, the ones who vote Republican most reliably, get more than they pay.  Blue states paradoxically give more than they get. The best part of this is that when they are asked about how they could be for cutting and for taking they break down and cry.  Their brains overload and they can no longer compute!   Maybe what they really mean to say, but just cannot find the words, is that they want benefits for those who are good like them, but oppose it  for OTHERS. And then we could ask them what they mean.  Looking at some of the Tea Party posters of Obama we can take a good guess.