January 17, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Blunt Object of the Day: Mitch Daniels

Last night’s speech by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (the former Bush OMB head) was the big debut of the thoughtful, friendly face that the GOP has been calling out in the night for since the primary circus has become, for them, an unending nightmare.  Daniels proposed the old cut/cut idea with a gentle presentation. But it was Paul Ryan, really, back again. What commentators didn’t include in their assessment was the fact that Daniels is set to sign off on the Indiana legislature’s passage of a Right to Work law, which would effectively bust unions in that state.  This comes after doing that to public unions; the very thing that Scott Walker in Wisconsin is now facing recall over. Indiana, however, seems not to be upset about the banana economy that this will generate.  Creating jobs regardless of whether they will keep people in the middle class or not is all that counts.  This is the great Republican revival, the Wal-Mart world for the majority and high times for the 1%.  What this union-busting goon has in his hands here, in the image of Daniels, may be called a club for growth.