January 19, 2018
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Bully Pulpit of the Day: Theodore Obama

Tonight will be Pres. Obama’s chance to weigh in, after the rivers of nonsense that have flowed out of the Republican debates.  Can he mention the condition of the country being partly the result of the GOP policies given full flight in ’01 – ’08? Can he also say that almost everything that the GOP is attacking him now for (health care, bailouts etc) were GOP policy ideas in the first place (so great a compromiser was this “socialist”)? Can he actually point the finger at the GOP congress who have stated that they would let the country burn in order to smoke out Obama? Please let him do it and keep the spirit of the Osawotamie speech going, fired with the fuel of “Occupy”.  Romney derided the Teddy Roosevelt analogy to Obama by making a joke about the name “Bull Moose”.  If he knew American history here he would realize that the actual name of Roosevelt’s insurgent party was The Progressive Party.   Anyway, here’s hoping Obama hits those big, fat, fastballs all out of the park tonight.