January 22, 2018
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Suicidal Person of the Day

In last night’s debate there were too many ironies to note, let alone draw. Here are a couple I was able to jot down before passing out from BS overdose. Willard “Mitt” Romney, the leader, in one day saw it revealed that he paid 15% income tax last year, that he has major amounts of money parked in the Cayman Islands and that he didn’t actually win the Iowa caucuses after all. Gingrich was moving ahead in the polls in South Carolina by virtue of debate belligerency and racially-coded campaign slogans, only to have his ex-wife decide to go public with accusations of Newt’s desire for an open marriage. Thus the “conservative” candidate arrived to face the conservative debate crowd last night. Attempting to make a virtue out of a necessity he unloaded on the moderator for bringing up the trash news topic of the day.  Irony on top of irony was the memory of Gingrich choreographing the sex scandal of Bill Clinton 15 years ago. So what was his strategy last night?  Blame the media, blame everybody.  Then in rising red foams of victimhood Gingrich went further. It was the media and their liberal defense of Obama that was behind the whole thing. This makes you wonder why anyone showed up last night, at least to do anything other than burn the CNN camera equipment. So here was Newt’s suicide act, in dying color. Flaming out to divert attention to the “media”, as if his baggage now is not getting bigger. Whatever happens in South Carolina, he will find that there are states without a confederate flag on the capitol building.  And that they will like their political theater without a twist of spleen.


  1. Bill O says:

    You are amazing sir. DEAD-on illustration, and hilarious. I’m bookmarking this site. Gingrich totally immolating himself last night like a public execution.
    Come by my site and give me some feedback if you can. Thanks!

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Bill O. More places to find me soon. S