January 19, 2018
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Cracked Dome of the Day



Tonight on PBS’ Frontline (check your local listing) we see a report on the effects of an earthquake here in the US somewhere near a nuclear power plant, which is now a stark prospect after the spectacle of Fukushima. In New York the Indian Point plant has been criticized as insecure for years. Now that New York has had a bona fide earthquake (the earth moved for me) we can have this important debate.  But we should talk fast and close the plant soon.  Gov. Cuomo has pledged to do this.  But the state senate energy chair George Maziarz thinks that replacing the energy is just too problematical, when this problem has actually been solved. Perhaps we can ask him to draw up a plan for evacuating 17 million people. And saving the water supply. Of course, he can start with a city where you can’t even evacuate the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at 5:30.


Watch Frontline tonight.

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