January 17, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.


The media couldn’t soften what happened last night: in the debate the GOP was put in a hot spot.  It was clearly looking at the stark choice it faces: the soul-less Romneybot 5000, or Perry-the-Hun. Perry brought the Climate Change Wildfires now consuming Texas to the Reagan Library, spouting severe nut-job positions about global warming (oh, Irony, once again, you are the loneliest guy in town), social security etc. All Romney had to do was watch him burn. But if the GOP electorate is similarly afflicted (the audience at the Reagan event couldn’t stop applauding Perry’s 234 executions! “Can you sleep at night?” was the question!!!  Clearly these people really get their Z’s, in the Reagan tradition) they may actually give this to Perry, as we saw, an instant self-killing candidate. So if that looks likely, what will the pros do?   I suspect they are getting on others to run. The Kochs are lately loving up the Jersey Zip Code, perhaps whispering in his chubby ear.  And the Divine Sarah is looming. Maybe Rudy and Ryan. America’s near-death thrill ride is on.