December 13, 2017
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.


Scenes from Bingsop’s Fables, by Stanley Bing, published by Harper Collins, in which the character Bingsop lays down the laws of the business jungle. Too many illustrations by yours truly.  For example:


The Miserable Miserly Mogul Gets Served

The Potentially Generous CEO and the Idiots Who Misjudged the Depths of His Largesse

When Worlds Collide

The Former CEO Who Would Be King

The Veep and the Creep

Politics Makes Smart Bedfellows

The President of Sales vs. The Lazy Sales Weasels

The Stupid Investor Gets Outsmarted…Again!

Publicity Hungry Wart Hogs

The Human Resources Guy Who Became Something of a Hipster


  1. jon casey says:

    These drawings are so beautiful. Perfect work. Looking forward to getting a copy of this Steve!