December 13, 2017
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.


Christopher Connel as Oliver Kilbourn in the remarkable play “Pitmen Painters” at the Manhattan Theater Club. A true story of working class artists: English coal miners who transcended their circumstances by way of and through art.  An art appreciation class became an art class and the audience goes along for the ride, getting to enjoy some of the most vigorous and passionate art chat anywhere. Some of it cuts so beautifully to the core of things you just want to frame the speeches. I suspect I’ll be reading a few to future classes of mine. A highlight is when the Kilbourn character becomes, almost against his will, more  connected to what happens in art than his own instructor.  That moment in the play gives chills. First rate stuff . . . and it really happened.  And the art they made is beautiful.  The point this makes, that everybody can create and can find passion for what they make . . . is a breath of air in the consumer dungeon.


  1. Chris Connel says:

    This made me smile and has highly amused my fellow cast members! My big sister used to call me rubber lugs (rubber ears) and my best friend used to all me Muckle heed (massive head) also my little sisters regularly express their glee at not having inherited the family nose!
    So I think you’ve pretty much got me spot on! I’ve sent the link to my 12 year old son who will no doubt be equally “moved” by your artwork!
    Where can I get a copy of this? I think it would feel quite at home hung in my front hall.

    Regards and thanks for making me laugh

    Chris Connel