December 11, 2017
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

John Callahan

Sad news today that one of the greats has gone.  John Callahan, quadriplegic and alcoholic and used his suffering to create cartoons of the most shockingly honest kind. After physical therapy he could use a pen and created a body of  work that is astonishing.  The humor was what we used to all sick humor.  In his hands cartoons that had their roots in anguish rose to level of a consciousness-raising act.  Cartoon liberation. Farewell JC.

Here are two takes. The last was drawn with my left hand.


  1. The Rs were ready for Hillary in 2008. Every slanderous accusation that they accumulated for over 15 years would have been thrown at her and would still be reverberating courtesy of FNC. She might still have won, but assuming that she would now be in better shape than Obama is speculation. Would HillaryCare The Sequel fare any better than ObamaCare in the Fox driven cesspool that passes for political debate? And without the votes on Election Day, how would she be stronger?