December 11, 2017
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Brewer’s Heroes

They used to say that Al Haig was a bull that carried his own china shop.  Even better is a Gestapo that carries it’s own Auschwitz.  Arizona Gov. Jan “Leave it to the cops” Brewer goes the distance.  May 1 demonstrations everywhere against Col. Klink and her pals.


  1. Jay Blackburn says:

    There’s something cosmically synergistic about this ugly AZ stuff coinciding with the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster stuff. There’s a great stripping away of the B.S. going on. True faces are being shown and fence sitting is becoming less of an option.

    Those who have reveled in the rhetoric are being confronted by those who not only talk like them but who really want to tear this country apart and who approve of actions such as the offshore drilling that can destroy the livelihoods of thousands regardless of their politics when things screw up.

    The canaries in the coal mine are very, very dizzy. I hate to see them that way but at some point maybe the warnings will start to supersede the complacency.

    I love the colored pencil rendition of the misguided gov. with her fortified chapeau. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Steve says:

    Thank YOU Jay. Good to see them clearly and say what you see. The harsher the light in AZ the better for all.
    Best always,