January 17, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Who’s Afraid of Liz and Dick?

Even staunch conservatives lately have been calling Liz Cheney out for going too far (calling the DOJ, the Department of Jihad, for having the poor judgment to provide legal defense to Gitmo prisoners. So much easier to just drown them).  Ken Starr and Lindsay Graham have been trying to distance themselves from the Cheneys, explaining that legal representation is an essential part of the US criminal justice system.  I remember Liz and Dick in that brilliant film version of  “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”.  They played a twisted, foul-mouthed couple in a spectacular insult marathon.  You can’t look  . . . and you can’t look away.


  1. Jay Blackburn says:

    Wow. Those are fantastic Steve. Wonderful caricatures of unstable self parodies of conservative true believers. They are so strange. What a warped mindset they live in and they just barf it out in public without a clue as to how f’ed up they look even to those who are supposedly their own kind. It’s like they’ve been drinking from the lead infused chalices or they’ve eaten too much mercury laced tuna.

    I couldn’t believe the other day when circus clown Beckerhead was out crazed by the groping fruitcake Massa. New lines of absurdity must be crossed every day to keep the Bread and Circus crowd engaged.

    Thanks for sharing your fine drawings. Liz’s foghorn howl from that maelstrom of hair is perfect as is Dick’s needle nose and that hanger of a pie hole.

  2. Victor Juhasz says:

    You’re the master. Great image. Horrible horrible people. They still swing pipe though. Their conservative brethren MAY look like they’re appalled and distancing themselves, but ultimately, like all good troopers, they will fall in line as push comes to shove. Remember, this is the guy who shot someone in the face and the guy shot apologized to the Big Dick for the trouble he caused him. That’s called swinging pipe. Not since Goering or Beria has someone instilled such fear.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks Vic. As I said yours is very kicking and beautiful. I had to do this sketch when I though of Who’s Afraid. In any case, a great swinging pipe . . . for waste. Hey what an image!