January 19, 2018
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You Betcha

Palin You Betcha Final550For the last two weeks Sarah Palin has been blitzing the media with her blame-all victim-athon non-campaign book tour.  It used to be that a candidate who aspired to higher office would struggle to prove her knowledge of issues and ideas on new directions for the country. Instead, in order to solidify her standing with a sector of the boobwazee, she struggles to show how wrapped in paranoia she can be.
Sam Tannenhause puts it this way in today’s New Yorker piece: “It happened  . . . in 1976, when Ronald Reagan battled the incumbent Gerald Ford all the way to the National Convention; and in 1992, when Pat Buchanan harried George H. W. Bush during the primaries and then, in a televised address at the Convention, in Houston, thundered, “There is a religious war going on in this country.” A similar revolt is under way today, though as yet no insurgent tribune has emerged—except, possibly, Sarah Palin. Polls taken last November showed that she had alienated centrists, and a majority of people still eye her with mistrust. But this is beside the point. Populists, from William Jennings Bryan and Huey Long through Joseph McCarthy and George Wallace, have always been divisive and polarizing. Their job is not to win national elections but to carry the torch and inspire the faithful, and this Palin seems poised to do. That she is the first woman to generate populist fervor on such a scale enhances her appeal—and makes her, potentially, a figure of historic consequence.”
This extra-toony take; narrative-driven.


  1. Don Rogers says:

    Hey Steve,
    How are you doing!
    A couple of thoughts for you; Sarah’s book is a top selling book now, up there with Clinton’s and Obama’s political books so why knock her so harshly like all the main stream media do? I haven’t read her book and don’t plan to but geeze loiuze give her a break! and 2ndly, I have begun to believe that most wars were contrived by the political elite and global elite to throw money their way. I think if I was young and was called up, I may be a conscientious objector now, I know I sound confusing or confused. Too many thoughts in my head!
    Great work on your site none the less! Keep up the great work!
    Don Rogers – SCAD Illustration Dept

  2. Steve says:

    Please read about the contents of the book. You don’t have to slog through to know that she’s not writing about her vision for the country but about how she was wronged by McCain et al. If you have any reviews that suggest this is wrong, please send and I will post,. Promise.
    All the best,

  3. Ray Gardner says:

    I’m equally wary of politicians from both parties, but Sarah Palin seems to be following the same pattern as all other politicians.

    We knew that Clinton, Obama, et al were against the war, pro-choice, and generally for a larger government in the form of health care and the general idea of welfare.

    We know that Palin is a hawk, pro-life, and nominally for smaller government though Republicans have a pretty poor record on sticking to that one and she’s probably no different.

    Obama won on the idea of hope and change while all his detractors, even Hillary, pointed out that he was offering no real specifics beyond the basic Democrat platforms as stated above.

    Palin will attempt to do the same, and she’ll offer no more specifics than absolutely necessary so as to remain a viable option to swing voters.

    Nothing new under the sun as they say.

  4. Don Rogers says:

    ok I will try and read through it and get back to you. I can’t promise however. Politics is a drag anymore. I guess what I was saying is that it is selling hugely and yet all the news stations are still running her down. I am more concerned about the economy and hiw mist people around me here are acting like it is business as usual. Save your money for a rainy day I am thinking. Thanks for the reply – Don

  5. Steve says:

    I respect the go slowly and watch all of them approach. I’m with you on that.

  6. Jim Hopkins says:

    Just had to drop a line -we loved this at our home – a very hilarious thing. We kept thinking of Red Riding hood from the Warner Bros cartoons:
    Hey Granma! We bought you a little bunny rabbit. Ta have!”

  7. Steve says:

    Ha. That suggests something else, a Playboy Bunny, which I am certain she would have had no problem being if she were 30 years younger. Anyway. Thanks.