January 22, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Strike Me Pink

observer coverRudy Caesar smallIn this week’s Observer a fun piece by Steve Kornacki on Rudy’s recent debacle: his idea of running for governor.  When he sized Paterson up as a political non-entity he was right, says Kornacke, but too right.  Soon Cuomo became the fave in a Democratic state leading now by over 50 points.  Now you’d have to be emotionally disturbed to run the next year as a Republican. So, this makes sense.
It’s my first cover for them (and honored to be a part of the great tradition, while Victor takes an enlightened time off).  The big discovery is that pink  paper matters.  And how.  One of my informal rules is to allow for even the tiniest bit of 100% white and 100% black in a piece, to cue the eye to the full range of contrast.  Not possible here!  So the paint tends to vanish and the drawing remains.  Especially if you use, duh, pink. Duly noted. Thanks to Tom McGeveran for the great article and how perfectly he gets what we do.