January 19, 2018
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Words Have Consequences (w/ update)

.gun The tragic assassination of Dr. George Tiller in a Wichita, Kansas church on Sunday has caused much soul-searching and the open discussion about how we speak to each other in this country.  No one has articulated this better than Frank Schaeffer, author of “Crazy for God”. A former member of the Christian Right and now a whistleblower, he writes of recollections of his own father, evangelist Francis Schaeffer as well as the other luminaries of the movement.  Schaeffer Sr., he has written, said that the use of force would be justified against abortion doctors. Frank Schaeffer said in an amazing interview with Rachel Maddow, “there is a direct line between what we said and this murder.”  He mentions the campaign of Bill O’Reilly of Fox News (seen in my little animation gif) and others in labeling the doctor, “Tiller the Baby Killer” among other things.  The reaction of some like Randall Terry tip their hand shockingly. With the NRA stronger than ever, the USA needs to focus on home-grown terror as much as any other kind.

And oh yes.



  1. Truth says:

    Franky Schaeffer is living in glasshouses. His recollections of his father and mother consist mainly of things he accused pro-lifers of doing, which is using over the top and harsh rhetoric to smear. His apology for his past words against abortionists is just another excuse to sling mud at and slander his father.

    Funny if he wants to argue that saying an abortion doctor murders unborn babies mean responsibility for that person’s death, then if any Christian gets killed by someone who detests Christians, he should also be held responsible because of many hateful things he said about Christians in general that do not agree with him over the decades. Or for that matter, labeling Christian conservatives as terrorists or other nonsense.

    Fair is fair.