January 23, 2018
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

6 Degrees of Villaraigossa


Here’s a webanimation riff on a recent portrait I did for Los Angeles Magazine of Mayor Antonio Villaraigossa.  It’s several portraits in different media ovelapping.

Blowin’ in the Wind

In the current Harper’s Frederick Kaufman writes on the vagaries of charity.  Some of the many millions spent by Bill Gates on world hunger are not landing as intended.  Here’s the cover as well as a version animated for the web.



Spring Honors

A shout out of great thanks to the annual shows.  So grateful to be in them and working for some of the great people in our field.  Below are  pieces for Stacey Clarkson of Harper’s, Tim Luddy at Mother Jones and Susan Brenneman at the LA Times, all honored to be in the AI 28.  The last piece, for Richard Kim at The Nation, is chosen for the upcoming CA annual.


The Bush Gang, in appropriate retirement.


The new guy in the neighborhood.  Period of adjustment for the neighbors!


So many Turkeys, so little time.

got-hate500The GOP’s top motivational speaker.

The Irony of Satire

bag-of-hammers500In the Irony of Satire, an Ohio State University study, it was found that conservatives, when polled, took Stephen Colbert seriously.  This, along with Barry Blitt’s famous New Yorker cover, begs the question, “Who is this thing we do really for?       Anyway?”
Irony is a literary device going back at least to Cervantes.  Caricature goes back to ancient Egypt.  Not to be aware of the quiet wink of satire is to be untouched by Swift, Twain, Waugh, Moliere, Perlman, The Marx Brothers, Bob and Ray, Terry Southern, etc, etc, etc.  People unreachable by clever.  Millions of them.
Conservatism is not stupidity. They number some of the great intellectuals of history. Today many brainy conservatives in business and media make out very well by their philosophy. I’m speaking of the others.  The masses of Palin-eolithics who vote for a fear-based agenda even if it hurts them?   It seems they are affected by a belief-system that doesn’t allow for irony.  We all have belief systems but what is it about satire that doesn’t violate the belief system of the left that, to the right, bounces like a hammer off a very hard rock?