February 20, 2018
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Wither Print 2 of 3

pi-guillotineToday marks the death of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Published since the civil war, nothing could stop this paper, except our situation today. Hearst, who owns it and killed it today, promises a dynamic online replacement. What will it replace? What is now lost? Interestingly the SeattlePI.com website has a strong video about what will be lost here. The site, as promised, will feature new columnists: a raft of current and former government officials. What does that feel like to you? I can only conclude that a part of our civilization is lost now unless we can organize somehow to replace this necessary imperfect creation, the newspaper. We cannot function very well at all without it. And we have to do this fast.


  1. I fear you’re right to use the word “replace” rather than “preserve.”